Thursday, July 16, 2009

What was life like before them?

It is amazing to think how life has changed! We now get to spend each day with Luke and Madison and soak up every smile, coo, and precious movement! Our life was sweet before, but now we are so grateful to our Heavenly Father that we have been given the chance to be parents. I look at everything differently and I have new feelings that I never knew were there! The sweetest of feelings when they look up at us and smile and make the cutest noises and the worst of feelings when we watched them get their 2 month shots! Nothing has pulled at our hearts harder than seeing those alligator tears!!

They are growing like CRAZY and changing every day! Luke now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces and is 23 1/2 inches long. Madison is now 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long. They are both smiling and making sounds of joy! They are noticing they have hands and starting to swing at toys that hang. They are so strong and love to lift their heads. I was looking back at the pictures from the hospital and I can't believe how much they have changed in 11 weeks! They already look so different. I am trying to take as many pictures as I can to capture everything!

Enjoy the picutres!!

Gabby got Madison her first bracelet with her initial on it!

Madison smiling :)

Luke was making his sweet cooing noises!

Look at how strong she is! She loves to lift her head up and look around! She is not going to miss anything!

Sometimes when Jonathan and I are getting ready we will lay them on the bed in our room. The other day we did this and they feel asleep! How cute are they?? Love it!

Family photo at Blake and Megan's wedding

Luke looked adorable!

Madison looked like a little princess!

Meeting Mr. Parker Lee! The dads are so proud of their boys!

Some of our best friends! Madison is going to try to keep up with Parker and Luke on the lake! I think she can do it!

Jennifer, Ryan, and I at the rehearsal dinner

Jonathan and I enjoying the night out

My sweet friend, Shelley, came to Greenville for the day to meet the twins! Caleb came along for the ride!

Luke and Caleb checking each other out

I was going to put up a picture with Madison happy but then I thought this one just fit the situation! Luke is saying, "Do you hear that Caleb? Aren't you glad we are boys and don't have to deal with all that moodiness!"

Melt your heart! Luke loves his daddy and couldn't stop smiling at him! I was so glad we caught it!

Thank you Aunt Sharon for this adorable outfit! Madison wore her first headband!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend and More

We had a great 4th of July weekend spending time with family and friends! We loved being on the lake and relaxing at "Gabby's Doublewide" for the weekend. On Sunday night, we were able to fry fish at Angie and Kevin's. The babies loved hanging out with everyone and were spoiled!! Enjoy the pictures!

On Monday, before the 4th, our good friends Geoff and Brenna came to see us again with Riley and Quinn. Here the girls are talking about having a tea party when they get older!

The boys and their dads

2 Months Old
This is one of those pictures that is too funny not to post. We put them in their Bumbo seats one night before bedtime and they both look like they are about to fall asleep!! Those sweet little eyes!

Best Buddies

Madison hanging out with Dad

We had our festive colors on for the 4th of July weekend

Cuddle time!

My cousin Chad taking a nap with Madison

Madison and Luke have no idea yet just how cool their dad is!! He is amazing!

This is my cousin Blake one week before he gets married!! I was praying he would not brake anything!! Awesome air, Blake! :)

Here are my other cousins...Chad, Brent, and Chandler! We had a blast with all of you on the lake! They had no fear!

Mommy's little firecracker and Daddy's little sparkler
4th of July outfits..thanks Courtney!

Nana holding Luke. She said he was purring like a cat as he slept!

Nanny Harris holding Madison

This one I took this morning. These Bumbo seats are pure entertainment for us! How funny do they look. Madison could not keep her head up she was so sleepy and Luke could not keep his eyes off of the fan.