Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rain Boots

My dad bought Luke and Madison these adorable rain boots. We had fun playing in them yesterday and I was able to get a few pictures...

If you click on this one and look at their faces they are really funny!

Thank you for the awesome boots Papa Don! We love them!

Owen's 1st Birthday Party

Last Saturday I took Luke and Madison to Owen's 1st birthday party in Easley. It was a nasty day outside but we had a great time inside!!

Are they really big enough to sit in big seats and eat????

They did great sitting and eating! I just couldn't quit looking at them thinking how big they looked!!

Owen and mommy (Dawn...a friend from college) opening presents

Owen went to town on his cake! Alli thought it looked yummy too!

He suddenly transformed into the Hulk!

Luke, Madison, and Alli...why so serious? :)

The attempt at a group kids picture was hilarious!! This was right before Luke fell apart too!

These girls thought they were big stuff drinking their Capri Suns!

How adorable is this little cowgirl, Alli?

Happy Birthday Owen! Thank you for having us!

Fun at the AK Corral

We went to Alli's 2nd birthday party a couple of weekends ago. We had a great time! It was a really hot day but we were all just so happy it was clear and beautiful for an outside party! Alli was an adorable little cowgirl and a great host!

So cute!

Alli going down her slide

Luke loved these! They are from one of those ladder golf games.

One of the sweet ladies there filled Luke's hand with M&M's! He was so excited!! :)

Luke and Madison found something to cool them off...the ice in the drink bucket!

Such a cute table display!

Alli blowing out her candle

Trying to get a picture of them together. Luke was not to happy :(

My little cowboy!

Alli opening our present with mommy (Carrie...a good friend from church)

Luke was pooped out from all this partying!

Our cowgirl finally let me get a picture!

Love this!

Luke going for the goodbye hug

Madison telling Alli bye!

Happy Birthday Alli! Thanks for having us! Our posse had a great time!!

Noah's Ark Plus One at the Zoo

When we go somewhere these days we look like Noah's Ark....coming 2 by 2's :) A couple weeks ago Jennifer, my mom, and I took all the kids to the zoo. It was Parker and Dylan's first trip! They wore their adorable lion onesies. It was a HOT day but fun to get out and let the kids explore the zoo and see all the animals.

This is such a fun stage for us because they are really starting to play well together now!

Luke's face cracks me up in this one!

Madison had her first Little Debbie at the zoo (thanks Aunt Jenny!). She wanted to share it with the giraffe :)

Jennifer and Austin

Not the best picture of Luke but he pretty much was on top of the lion. I am glad we trust this piece of glass in between them!!!

Madison staying well hydrated in the heat with Gabby's water!

The boys had their own lion and duck toys to play with....or just dream about!

Those little legs were getting tired of walking so she hitched a ride on Gabby's shoulders!

Luke gave Aunt Jenny a hand pushing on the hills

Madison keeping a safe distance from the goats

Luke was trying to give them a kiss bye...yuck!

Happy 1st trip to the zoo Parker and Dylan!!!! I know there will be many more to come!
For a fun trip down memory land click here for Luke and Madison's first trip to the zoo :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burgeson

Our friend Kristine Briggs got married on March 12th. It was a beautiful wedding! We had a great time taking the kids! They did amazing and really enjoyed it. We are so happy for Kristine and Jason and can't wait for Josh (Kristine's brother) and Jennifer's wedding later this summer!!

I love this picture of them walking out of the sanctuary!

Beautiful bride!

Now seriously...how cute can they get?!?!? So sweet!!!

Kristine's grandmother fell in love with Madison and Madison kept going to her too!

Who is that stud? Oh yea, that's my man! Handsome!

We hung out outside for a little while before going into the reception. I love this picture of Luke and his reflection!

What a good daddy!

Kristine's grandmother gave Madison her flower! It was so sweet and Madison carried it around most of the night.

This picture makes me want to cry because I know I will turn around and Madison will be in a white dress! Kristine walked up to Madison to talk to her and she got down on her knees. Madison wanted to be just like this beautiful bride in an amazing dress so she got down on her knees! The moment was priceless. Madison just stared at her! I LOVED this!

This is Josh, Kristine's brother. Jonathan grew up with their family. Jonathan will be Josh's best man this summer! We are so excited for Josh and Jennifer! We adore her!

Great friends!

Madison LOVES Josh! We had to give her goldfish to keep her from yelling out his name during the wedding! She called his name all night! We are so happy Josh is in their lives!!

Congratulations again Kristine and Jason! We know you will love being married...it's the BEST!