Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Days Before Our Lives Changed

On Wednesday, March 24th I went on bed rest. I remember that day so well because my appointment was after school and I just thought they were going to tell me to keep taking it easy. I knew my blood pressure was up and I knew my ankles were starting to swell but I still thought I could make it a few more weeks at school until Spring Break. I remember the doctor looking at me and saying, "Well, I think you are done." I wasn't sure what he meant at first. I asked him if I could work until Friday. He said no. I asked him if I could go in tomorrow. He said no. I went into panic and a feeling of deep sadness because my kids at school had no warning. I couldn't just leave them. I wasn't ready to leave teaching (The tears are flowing as I type this!). I didn't have all of the materials ready and I just wasn't ready to stop! Well, I had no choice. He walked out of the room and I started balling!!!! I couldn't get my breath. The nurses were coming in and asking me if I was ok and I just couldn't comprehend the thought that I was done.

Fast forward one LONG month and I was put in the hospital because of my blood pressure and swelling. That was the longest week of my life!!! The doctor would come in each morning and say, "Let's see if you can make it until tomorrow." After 5 mornings of hearing that I was just trying to pray for patience and enjoy the Today Show :) They did not want me getting up much so I was 'allowed' one outing a day. My mom or Jonathan (whoever was there that day) could stroll me outside in a wheelchair to the gardens to get some fresh air. That was so wonderful! I dreaded the stroll down there because so many people would stop us and say, "Oh honey, you are about to pop" or "Look at your ankles!" I finally started covering my lower body with a sheet!!!

I remember another funny moment when one night all I wanted was a pizza! Jonathan went out to get one and the nurse came in and told me that was the worst thing I could eat right now and went on to give me a 5 minute speech about why it was so bad. I remember Jonathan coming into the room with the pizza and I was balling. I told him what the nurse said and he said if you want it, eat it. So I would hide and eat one bite at a time and put the piece back in the box in case she walked in! I look back now and just laugh at that!

Finally after a week in the hospital a doctor walked in on Thursday, April 30th and said the sweetest words I had ever heard..."Let's do it. Today is the day!" I couldn't pick up the phone fast enough to tell Jonathan to get off work and let's meet our babies! What an amazing feeling! I kept saying the date over and over in my head...April 30th, 3009...what a perfect day to have twins!

Here are some pictures from the days before the babies.

Now that is a BIG belly!!!

I see so many funny things in this picture. No shoes would fit my feet so my mom went to K-Mart and bought the biggest pair of men's flip flops she could find. We had to velcro them a the very end! I was also in an X-large maternity shirt!!

It looks like I am waring boots! This was still 5 days before I had they got even bigger! The nurses were bringing in other nurses just to look at them! My toes look like they are about to pop! I couldn't bend my toes and in the last few days I couldn't really bend my knees so I had to get help getting dressed!!

That picture just makes me hurt! There was so much fluid! It looks like an elephants leg!!

It was ALL worth it! Every ache and pain, every tear and emotional breakdown.

Tomorrow, April 30th, Luke and Madison will turn ONE!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luke's First Haircut

Yesterday, Luke got his first haircut! He had these long strands in the back that were driving us crazy so we decided we would get it cut before their birthday party. I was SO nervous because I was afraid they were going to cut it really short but they did a great job! She just cut off all the long pieces. Luke did great! He had one minor breakdown :) We enjoyed sharing this sweet memory with our big boy!

This is his before picture. It doesn't look that bad in this picture.

You can see the long strands in the back here. If they were curly I would leave them but they were just straight.

And there they go!!!!

He loved sitting in the cool car!

She started on his ears and that is when he lost it! These ladies are very talented to continue working on this moving target!

I love the way he was looking at her...too funny! "Who are you and what are you doing to me?"

Keys are so entertaining! They cure any breakdown :) Maybe he was plotting his getaway!

Here is the after! It looks so much better!!!! Now we are ready for a party!

Madison was there for moral support!

Our handsome little boy!

Are you sure you want to turn ONE?? Ready or not, April 30th here we come!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two at the Zoo!

Last week my mom and I took Luke and Madison to the zoo for the first time! We had a lot of fun looking at all of the animals. Madison had more fun watching the other kids!! She is Miss Social and loves other children. Here are some pictures from our fun day! Thank goodness my mom had her camera in her purse because I forgot mine...Thanks Mom!

Can you see the excitement in their faces??? So maybe mom and I were more excited about this day!

There is just something amazing about giraffes

They loved watching the animals...especially the HUGE elephants and giraffes!

My wonderful mom (Gabby) and Madison

Mommy and my sweet boy...and a giraffe :)


Luke and Madison and a bear...oh my!

This child doesn't have a lot of fear yet...he just stuck his hand right in the hole to touch the goat!!

Madison was being a girl and didn't want to touch that stinky thing!

This picture melts my heart! We were leaving the zoo and we were going to let them play on the playground for a few minutes. As we were walking we looked down and saw this!!!
I thank God every day that they have each other...that they have a best buddy...that Luke will always protect Madison...that they will always be there for each other when one is scared. What a precious bond!


You could tell she wanted so bad to just start running and keep up with all the other boys and girls playing! But for now she loved just standing here squealing and laughing at them!

"Look Gabby, I can hold this with one hand!"

Only 6 more days until you are 1 year old! You are both growing so fast. I still love seeing your faces when you see and experience things for the first time...a pool full of water, something yummy to eat (like an Oreo), and the sight of huge, real animals at the zoo!
I can't wait for all the new moments ahead!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Ella Bella!

This was Ella when I first met her. She was only 5 days old.

This is Ella at 4 months old when they came to stay with us for a Clemson game.

Just after her 1 year birthday

This is Miss Ella now! Such a big girl! She will be 2 in July! They came to stay with us for the night and Jessica had a shower Saturday so Jonathan and I were able to keep her. It was fun having 3 under 2! Trying to do baths and lunch was interesting! We had SO much fun with this sweet little girl! She is all smiles! She has my heart and I love spending time with her!

We hope they will all be at Clemson together one day!

That night Ella joined in on our bedtime stories!

She even helped give Madison her bottle! What a big helper!

Thanks Mattice and Ella for coming to see us! Your smiles reflect pure joy and God's love!!

Future Crickets

We love company! Luke and Madison get very excited when we have visitors! So does mommy! Courtney, one of my best friends that I taught with at Concrete, came by for a while! I loved catching up with her! Not only is she a great teacher but she is so much fun to be around! We had more laughs and good times teaching together! I miss her a ton!

We have adopted her as Aunt Courtney

Helping Luke walk

Courtney is giving Madison some fashion tips and they a
re planning their first big shopping trip.

Juggling two :)

Luke was relaxing in the swing and Madison wanted to get in it with him. We tried to warn her that they were too big now but we let her try it anyway. They both were so content. We got a good laugh out of this one.

I see you!

Courtney is a big Gamecock but Luke was showing her who he loves~ Go Tigers :)

Sweet boy loves Scout...and Miss Courtney!

Maybe one day Courtney will have Luke and Madison in her 1st grade class!
Then they will be Concrete Crickets!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Praise Be Given, Christ Is Risen

We had a great Easter remembering what Christ did for us! We started our Easter off with Jonathan baptizing a guy from his D-group, which is a group of 10th grade guys he leads. It was amazing to watch! It was such an honor for Jonathan to be able to do this and I know he will cherish that moment forever!

After church we went to my aunt's house to eat lunch with my side of the family and then we had Jonathan's family over to our house for dinner. It was a fun filled day with family! Luke and Madison did great and loved seeing everyone!

Here are some pictures from our day :)

Family picture

Nancy was able to come to church with us to watch Jonathan baptize

I am finding that it is getting harder and harder to get a good picture of both of them together!


Luke...with his silly face

What a great big cousin!

Such a stud! Luke and Madison light up when he walks in the room!

Gabby and Papa with the grandkids

My cousin Chad making Madison laugh

Madison does not sit still like this for long! Brent had the touch!

Aunt Jennifer and Luke

Austin searching for eggs. Luke and Madison were sleeping but I know they will love this next year!

You found it!

I think we have ourselves a little chocolate situation!

Meme and Madison

Meme and Luke

Later that night we opened our Easter baskets

They weren't too sure about all of it. I put Puffs in their eggs but all they really wanted to play with was the yellow grass!!

Justin thought Madison needed a little Bass Pro Shop hat :)

We hope you all had a great Easter! We are so grateful for what our Savior did for us! The least we can do is live our lives for Him!