Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We took Luke and Madison to Hollywild on December 20th. If you have never heard about Hollywild it is a must see! You can read more about it here. We enjoyed the trip with Gabby, Papa, Austin, Jennifer, Ty, and J.R. (Ty's brother). We were prepared with sweet corn to feed the animals but I was NOT prepared for what happened. I have never been to Hollywild and it will be something I NEVER forget!

Luke driving us through the lights

Madison wanted a turn to drive

Sweet girl trying to see what was to come

My mom sat in front with Jonathan so I could take pictures from the back seat

Here they come! Zebras!

So this is what deer caught in headlights look like :)

One friendly deer came to see us

There is Papa, J.R., and Austin

To get a grasp on how big these cows were look at this picture! He is taller than the van! They were HUGE!

And then he turned around and headed for our car! It really was scary!!

I love this picture!!! This was Madison's face the whole time the cow was at our window!

If this picture only had sound!!!! Mom was hilarious! I am not sure if she thought the cow was going to take off with Luke but she was holding on to him for dear life!

The cow liked our sweet corn

Ty and Austin

"Mom, did that really just happen??"

This is what our car looked like when we got out!

Saying hey to the goats

Daddy and Madison

My eskimo pregnant sister

Wow...look at all the lights!

Yakidy Yak, don't talk back!

"Jenny, is that you?"

Madison and Papa sneaking a peak through the back door at Santa. The line was too long to stand in! Madison didn't mind. She just ate her cookie and watched :)

They had pony rides too. We thought they would love this...

...we were wrong :( If you click on the picture you can see his poor little face! After he lost it Jonathan took him off and let him walk beside the horse. I hope we didn't scar him for life!

Austin took a ride and loved it!

Best buddies!

Llama llama red pajama

It was freezing but they had a nice fire and hot chocolate to enjoy!

And that's a wrap! It think they were worn out!! They were asleep by the time we got out of the park!

Small Group Christmas Party

Our small group from Grace Church had our Christmas party on December 19th at Josh and Brittany Sater's amazing home on Lake Hartwell. We had a great time hanging out and laughing and the food was yummy!

We love these guys!

Drew was sweet enough to let Luke and Madison take turns rocking

We had a while elephant gift exchange and let me just say it was interesting! Hope and Chris received these beautiful, collectable fish decorations.

Scott got a car wash kit...not a bad gift if you ask me!

Jonathan received Playboy cologne and body I said, interesting gifts!

Ginnie got (which I later stole) these amazing mop slippers!

Matt and Christi received the gift we brought...."My Boys Can Swim: A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy". Hilarious book!

Precious Eli walked away with an easy button :)

Thanks to our hosts Josh and Brittany! I know they enjoyed their first Christmas with Stephany!

On our way home we saw the "Lights of Hope" in Anderson so we stopped to ride through.

Luke and Madison just wanted to drive the car with Daddy!

Brent's Graduation

My cousin Brent graduated from Clemson on December 16th. He is a true Gamecock at heart but earned his degree from Clemson. It always feels good to drive into Clemson and see what all has changed since we graduated. My mom and I took Luke and Madison to his graduation since Jonathan was out of town for the week in Michigan with work. It was a fun little road trip :) Unfortunately, I brought everything in my house to entertain and feed the babies during the ceremony but I forgot my camera!!!! Here are some pictures from the graduation that my cousin's girlfriend took. The day after Brent's graduation my Aunt hosted a graduation party for him at her house. Here are some pictures from that night.

Poor Brent was left hanging :( Come on Luke!
Madison gave Nikki (Brent's beautiful girlfriend) a kiss!

Looking up to a great guy!

This took several takes but we got one!

Luke met a cutie while we were there and made his move! She was playing hard to get!

Madison with my Aunt Sharon

Luke with my cousin Blake (Brent's twin)

Congratulations Brent! You worked hard and we are really proud of you!

Fa-la-la-la Austin

Jonathan and I took Luke and Madison to Austin's Christmas program on December 7th. He did an amazing job singing and doing all the motions! We were so proud of him! I know Luke and Madison enjoyed listening to all the music and cheering for their cousin!

Luke saying hey to Dylan and Parker

Madison found her favorite seat...with Uncle Ty

Luke giving Aunt Jennifer some sugar

There he is!

Luke saying "Great job Austin!"

It is really hard to get a picture of them these days. This one just makes me laugh!

A little better....maybe

Austin with his teacher

Madison and Aunt Jenny

The ones who gave Austin his great singing and dancing abilities :) Soon to be a family of five!

Thank you for inviting us Austin! You did great!