Friday, May 28, 2010

I Love You...I Really Love You

This is their new favorite thing to on each other! It is the sweetest thing in the world to watch! Someone asked me the other day if Luke was biting her because it looks like he is but he is not...yet! Let's hope that doesn't start! I am so glad they love each other. They laugh at each other and it brings the greatest joy to us as parents to watch!

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Water Water Everywhere!

If you have that book in your bathtub you may have the whole thing memorized like I do! Well, we have found a new love....our water table! They had a blast playing in it! Here are some fun and funny pictures!

It is amazing how two measuring cups can be so entertaining!

They would fill up a measuring cup and dump in out over and over again!

I loved this picture because it reminds me of how small they are!

Madison loved playing with the arctic animals

...and this is how we ended up!!! Ha! Well, I didn't put a swimmy diaper on them so they were just in their regular diapers. Well, I started noticing they kept sitting down. Their diapers were so full and so heavy that they couldn't stand up anymore!! So we took them off!! If you click on the picture to make it bigger you will see what else I caught :) Luke!

There is just something about their little naked bodies that I love! Madison was trying to get in the water :) I hope this pictures brought a smile to your face like they bring to mine!

Watching Daddy

They love to watch Jonathan when he is working outside in the yard! We turned our sunroom into the playroom so it gives them a great view! Jonathan was mowing the grass the other day and they were going nuts watching him. Every time he would pass with the mower they would wave. It was so cute!

This just makes me laugh!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Days Go By

Here are some other pictures of what we have been up to lately....

Madison is doing a great job walking now! She will walk all the way across the room from person to person.

We went to Ellison's (on the right) 1st birthday party! Luke stayed home with Daddy because he had croup AGAIN! Madison didn't mind having the boys to herself. Parker (on the left) will be one before we know it!

I love his eyes!

We have enjoyed playing outside a lot! They love to push their toys around the yard.

Madison was enjoying the sunshine!

She LOVES this bench that her Aunt Angie gave them for their birthday. She will sit and sit in it!

This little girl is so strong and she loves to push just about anything around!

Riding around the house

My dad came by for lunch and brought Luke and Madison a Firehouse Subs fireman's hat. Madison was not to crazy about having it on her head...

Luke LOVED it...can you tell??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing mom I know! Thank you for always being there for me, for making me laugh, for warning me about radar on the road, and for teaching me about how to be a great mom. I appreciate you now so much more now that I am a mom! Thank you for the encouragement, the prayers, the help, and for just being there. No matter how old I am I know I will always need my mom :)

Mom and I when I was born

Mom looking good as always!

That's other words

Mom and I on my wedding day

Mom when she found out we were pregnant with twins

Mom and Nancy at the hospital right before we headed home.
I am also so grateful for a wonderful mother-in-law who did an amazing job raising her son!

So for Mother's Day I decided to get Luke and Madison's butt prints on a plate so the grandmother's could cherish them forever! They turned Madison's butt print into a ladybug (her toes were the dots) and Luke's into a lion. My unbelievable sister had the BEST surprise of Mother's Day...when my aunt and I took Luke and Madison to have this done the lady asked if it would be ok if they did an extra one to display in the store. I said sure and didn't think a thing about it. On Mother's Day I gave the plates to my mom and then my sister said, "Do you remember the lady doing 2 extra to 'display in the store?' Well, she made these for you!!!" I cried like a baby! I was so excited to have 2 of my own! What an amazing sister I have! I could never say thank you enough! Jennifer is an incredible mom. I have learned so much from her!

Mom and Jackie with Luke and Madison and their butt prints!

Nancy with Luke's butt print

Nancy with Madison's butt print

Nancy with Madison on Mother's Day

So Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers I know. I always dreamed about being a mom. I think I always wanted to be a mom because I had such a great mom to look up to!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My sister got the babies a bubble machine for their birthday so we tried it out! They loved it! I loved watching their faces as they gazed in amazement!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke and Madison

Friday, April 30th was their actual birthday. We enjoyed a relaxing day. Here are some pictures from their birthday...(Birthday party post below!)

Good morning sunshine! It's your birthday!

"Mom, is today the day?"

Seeing Daddy before he heads to work

Growing up my brother, sister, and I would always decorate each other's doors for birthdays. It was always fun to open your door on your birthday and see streamers and signs. I thought I would carry on the tradition :)

My sweet cousin, Chad, came by on their birthday to say hey!
(All the single me if you need his number)

Jonathan and I made cupcakes with homemade icing for them to enjoy on their birthday. We knew they were going to get a big cake the next day at their party but we thought we may give them a trial run and see how they do.

Madison is checking out the flame

You have to love those first few moments. They are so curious and cautious!

"Mom, what is this and why have you been hiding it from me!"
A woman's first taste of chocolate should always be documented :)

As you can tell, Madison loved it!!!

We kept saying that we should take it away because we didn't want them to get sick. Then we would say just one more minute. It was too funny watching them!

So good!

....and this is what happened when we started taking it away!!! I felt bad taking a picture of her crying like this but her reaction was priceless!

I am not sure what they loved more...eating the cupcakes or playing in the water after. They had cupcake everywhere!!

After they were cleaned up and in their pj's it was time to open presents from mommy and daddy.

We knew they were going to get a ton at their party so we just bought them something little. Luke is in love with balls right now so we got him a big soccer ball!! You can see how excited he was! I can hear him now, "ball ball ball!"

Madison got a little doll

Daddy with Luke and Madison

Mommy with Luke and Madison

So how do you sum up in words, on you blog, what this past year has meant? How do I explain it? This past year has affirmed much of what I already knew...that I married an amazing man! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I married Jonathan and almost 3 years later God entrusted us with twins. They allowed me to fall in love with Jonathan all over again. To watch him as a dad is the most amazing thing! To see how hard he works for us so that I can stay home. I am so thankful for our marriage, for our friendship, and for our teamwork this past year!

Luke and Madison,
A year ago, I remember laying on that bed and they came in to tell me it was time to bring you guys into the world. So many emotions ran through me. I was so nervous and excited. The moment I heard your cry I knew you were ours to take care of. Every day has been a joy to see you learn and grow. Your daddy and I can't wait to see what the next years hold! We are looking forward to teaching you about God's love and about His forgiveness. We want you to love life and love others. Thank you for your smiles, your laughs, and your sweet faces!

Happy Birthday little bits :)