Monday, September 28, 2009

Who can predict the weather?

Saturday morning we woke up thinking the Clemson game was not looking very hopeful since it was pouring down rain outside. We turn the TV on to News 4 and good ole Dale Gilbert says, "I expect it to be clear from about 3 to 8. Good news for the Clemson fans!" So, we say let's go! It may be a perfect 1st game for the babies...not too hot, not too cold, nice clouds...PERFECT! Sure enough once we get to the game it had stopped raining. We tailgated for a little while then headed into the game. The first 10 minutes were great! Luke fell right asleep and Madison was laughing and smiling. Then all the noise started and poor Madison was scared to death! Big alligator tears came and her little bottom lip was sticking out. She was not enjoying all the noise. After about 20 minutes we headed back out to the tailgate. They loved it out there! We played and they took a nap. We were about to head back in when the rain came. Not just poured!!! We had a great time hanging out under the tent for a while then we finally packed it up and headed home.

Was it how we pictured it? Not really, but as we were driving home my amazing husband said, "You know we were all together today and we had fun." Now isn't that what family is all about!

Just another page in our adventure called life :)

Madison getting ready for her 1st Clemson game!

Luke is ready to watch CJ run the ball!

We met up with sweet James!

We also ran into some of my old students from Concrete, Gibson and Royce

Luke's shirt said "Hold on Tigers, I'm coming"

It was Parker's first game too! I have a feeling this tailgate is going to get crazier every year with 3 little ones :)

Madison before the alligator tears. She was smiling and laughing like crazy!

This is how Luke enjoyed his first game.

Clemson fans from head to toe

Luke and Daddy hanging out at the tailgate

This is the life..all bundled up, rain falling on the tent top, hearing the roar of Clemson fans in the background! Many more (dry) Clemson games in their future!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Splish Splash with our Beach Feet

We were blessed to spend a long Labor Day weekend at the beach with my family. We had a great time making lots of memories with Luke and Madison! I am not very good at choosing just a few pictures so here are all my favorites! Thank you to Jackie, Mom, Meme, Papa, Jennifer, Austin, and Ryan for staying in a house with two 4 month old babies!! We had so much fun!!

First trip to the beach

We decided one afternoon to give the babies their baths outside on the deck! It was great because it was so nice and warm. Here is mom with Madison. What a great Gabby!

Jonathan bathed Luke...look at that sweet face :)

We went to the pool for the first time and we were both very surprised by how much they loved it! I thought they would cry because the pool water was SO cold but they never made a sound! They were so cute with the hoods on!

First time touching the water

"Ok mom, feet..not so bad. My that is chilly!"

Uncle Ryan and Luke playing

My sweet grandmother (Meme) ate Madison up! Madison always found her happy spot when she was with Meme!

My wonderful grandfather (Papa) enjoyed giving Luke a bottle

One of my favorite outfits on Madison! How cute is she?

Austin helped us give the babies a bath. What a great helper!

Aunt Jennifer, her son Austin, and Luke hanging out

Luke asleep on the beach. What a beach bum :)

I could just pinch that little bunkie!

Surfs up, Luke

Madison in her little watermelon bathing suit and cover up.

First time touching the sand and ocean. Sweet beach feet!

To quote Luke's onesie "Carolina babies are sweeter than the tea!"

Playing on the beach

My amazing step-dad, Jackie (Papa Jack), and Luke. Poor Luke was not ready for the ocean breeze so it took his breath away!