Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Atlanta Braves Game

On Sunday we headed to Atlanta to see a Braves game.  It was a gift we gave to my Dad for his 65th birthday.  The day was perfect, the seats were perfect, and the Braves won!

 Best buddies in their Boys Rule matching shirts

 Tomahawk chop

The kids with Papa Don and "Homer"

 This picture looks like we are torchering her but trust me she was fine!!!  Her face was hilarious though!!  It was spray paint and I don't think she was expecting it!  We are not choking her or forcing her to get it!

 And it's done!

 Jennifer and Austin

 Such a stud!  Luke with the Atlanta Braves Ladies (and a random guy in the back)  :)

 Madison with Papa Don and Homer

 Luke loved him!!!

 Just when they needed more sugar, Uncle Ryan gave them ring pops!!!

 Such a handsome boy!

 I guess I'll take these "smiles"

(Instant Replay)
 A fly ball came right at us and Ty leaned over the rail to try and catch it.  Thank goodness his brother, JR, was there to make sure he didn't go over!!!

 The whole crew 
(minus Jonathan who sadly had to go to work....BOO! Yes I know!  We missed him a ton!)

 JR, Ty, Uncle Ryan, and Dad

 Ryan and Dad

 Silly siblings 

 Luke, Madison, and Austin

 He's safe!

 It was great as always to see Ryan!!  Thanks for living in such a cool city so we can come see you!!!

Look who's going to be 3 soon!!!  Madison was done by this picture!!
"Saturday, April 30th" as Madison says even though their birthday is on a Monday :)

Go Braves!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

What a beautiful Easter day!  We started off the Easter holiday by going to our church's Good Friday service.  It was such a special night!!  My mom and Jackie were able to come as well as Jonathan's mom, Nancy.  I was brought to tears as we remembered Christ's sacrifice with the Lord's supper.  It was our first time doing it with Luke and Madison.  Just Jonathan and I were able to take the bread and juice but it was so neat for Jonathan to huddle our family together and explain what it meant.  I am sure they didn't understand and Madison kept wanting to drink my juice but still...such a neat experience!  They were able to stay with us the whole service so I cherished being able to sing and worship while holding them in my arms!!  Oh I could go on and on about how much that night meant to me!

And on to Easter Sunday.  Jonathan and I are now serving at Grace's new Golden Strip campus in Simpsonville.  We have been at Pelham Road for about 10 but felt like God wanted us to help start the new campus!  It has been a great experience!!!  Easter Sunday they held the first baptism and 2 people were baptized.  The kids were with us and watched and they talked about it all day!!  Luke especially!  These were his words, "Do you know what baptized is?" (He asked everyone) "They dipped 'em in and pulled 'em out and everyone clapped!"  So sweet!

Here are some pictures from our full day :)

 The first baptism

 Then he helped baptize his wife

 No her happy face but still sweet :)

 Are they really almost 3??

 Such a boy!  His pose is priceless!

 Such a sweet blessing

 Our family of 4

 Uncle Ryan with Luke and Madison

 Papa Jackie with Luke and Madison

 Kisses for Papa

 Up, up, and away

My cousin Brent and Nikki are getting married in September and she asked Luke and Madison to be in their wedding!!

 Madison had the sweetest smile when she realized she was going to be a flower girl!

 Luke and Austin had ring pops because they are going to be the ring bearers and Madison got candy flowers because she is going to be the flower girl....so fun and creative!
Practice has already started and prayers are appreciated!

 Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!

 Parker and Dylan


 Luke and Papa

 Madison found one!

 After my Aunt's house for lunch we headed to Iva for dinner with Jonathan's family

 Luke and Justin

 Luke and Remington (that have a sweet, special relationship)

 The tree swing is a favorite for these kids!


 I love this picture

 Madison and Nana

 Luke and Angie

 We went fishing in their pond...so peaceful

 Justin caught a fish...I love their faces looking down its mouth!!!!

 This is where this boy feels most at home :)

 RUN Luke!

We talked to Mark (Jonathan's brother) and his family on FaceTime

Happy Easter!!!