Friday, July 30, 2010

Sara Grace Turns TWO!

Madison and I headed to Columbia for Sara Grace's 2nd birthday party at The Little Gym. We had a great Mommy and Me date! It was really fun to be with just Madison and be able to focus all of my attention on her! She was all over the place and enjoyed the party! Luke had a great time too! He went over to Aunt Jennifer's house and played with Austin while Jonathan was at home fixing the leak under our slab! I am sure Luke enjoyed all of the attention. That night Jonathan picked Luke up and did the father son thing....they went to Academy Sports! We both talked about how we needed to do this more often :)

Beautiful Miss Sara Grace! Thank you for having us!

Our little gymnast in training!

We played a lot of fun games with the parachute.

I know she is mine....but....she still takes my breath away!

Brenna was able to come with her two! We had a great time playing and spending time together!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parker is ONE!

We celebrated Parker Lee's 1st birthday last week! Luke and Madison had a blast playing in the water! We feel so blessed to have such great friends with kids the same age. We know we will have many more parties, lake trips, and memories to come with this little man!

Happy Birthday Parker!

Thanks Bruce and Lauren for letting us celebrate this special day with you guys!

Madison loved playing with Hannah!

Water Water Everywhere!

I wish I had my video camera for this! Madison was SO funny walking back and forth in the sprinkler! She would make the funniest faces! I think we have a water baby here for sure!

This picture makes me laugh! I think he got a chill or something :)

Luke and Madison enjoyed the ice cream. I think Madison may have a new boyfriend :)

How sweet!! Luke was giving Parker a hug and Parker gave him a kiss! Madison was patiently waiting for her turn.

Parker got this awesome car for his birthday! Luke and Madison took turns pushing him around.

Just like Daddy! They both wore their cargo shorts and a blue shirt. A little mini me!

Parker LOVED the cake! He went face first into it!

"Mom and Dad, this is GREAT!"

We attempted to get a group kids shot. This was the best we could get :) The three older kids (Anna, Zeke, and Hannah) were all smiles...the younger ones weren't so sure.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We spent the July 4th Holiday weekend at the lake house. We had a great time with family and friends! Luke and Madison ate up all the attention and LOVED spending time with the coolest cousin in the world. As I have said 100 times before I am not good at just choosing a few pictures so here are a ton from our weekend!

Madison, Papa, and Austin...oh yea, and Baby

Luke and Madison colored for the 1st time! Austin was a great helper and teacher! They used these markers that ended up being not so great and then they tried some crayons. Still a little early but it was fun!

Our good friends, Bert and Hannah came by with James and Campbell. We always enjoy seeing where James is and what he is doing because that will be Luke and Madison next year! Luke loved hanging out with his buddy and Boise in the back seat.

Luke being patriotic and saying the pledge of allegiance

Luke and Madison in their July 4th bathing suits :)

Jonathan's family came up on the 4th too! Justin (Jonathan's nephew) had a great time playing in the lake with Luke! I love Luke's face!! He LOVES the water!

Enjoying the sun!

I LOVE this picture! Jackie got them these outfits and they were SO cute on them! Austin really is the BEST cousin! He wanted to help give them a bath, sing them songs before they went to bed, cover them with their blanket, and so much more! He was a big help!

I picture best friends and trouble in this picture!

Nana brought cupcakes for the 4th and it was like birthday time all over again! They loved it!

Red, White, and Vroom and All American Sweetheart :)

We played in the pool a lot and Luke once again was mesmerized by the hose!

Uh oh! It was an itsy bitsy tinny winny bikini! Her first bikini!

We had a GREAT slip and slide that we ALL had fun on! No picture of the adults...they are too embarrassing!

Jonathan went down with Luke and Madison! They liked it...I think :)

Mommy and Pebbles :)

That is one good lookin' Gabby!!!! Wow! I hope that body runs in the family!

Sweet boys!

Papa got them all these outfits too! He has great taste! Austin, Luke, and Madison sure are blessed with amazing grandparents!!!

When I look at this picture I think about what this weekend was really all about. We are so grateful for all the men and women who serve and protect little ones like this! We recognize our freedom in America and our freedom in Christ!

This picture sums up our weekend! A little crazy at time....lots of laughs....and just good times with family!

We hope you had a great weekend too!

She's Back

Our good friends Jessica Coleman (I still like to call her Mattice) and her precious little girl Ella came to play last week. Luke and Madison LOVE her! We had fun going for a walk, playing on the playground, eating lunch, and playing in the playroom. Here are a few pictures.

We love you Miss Ella!!!