Monday, June 20, 2011

The Definition of Permanent

Permanent by definition means lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely. Did you catch that last word...indefinitely!! Those were my first thoughts when I saw her walk around the corner!! I can't tell you the countless thoughts that rushed through my head in a matter of seconds! Apparently this happened right under my nose! We were getting ready to go to the grocery store. I was cutting coupons and finishing my list. They were driving me bonkers at the moment so I turned on the TV and told them to sit on the couch for a few minutes while I finished up. I still have NO idea where she got the marker! They were being so good and quiet (or so I thought) until Madison walked around the corner and asked for a towel. Then I saw it!!! I have to give it to her, with all the coloring she did she only got 2 tiny marks on the couch!! Thank goodness! Needless to say, the scissors are now hidden and out of reach! I do not want a hair cut anytime soon! Here are the pictures that I know will be funny one day...

Madison's weapon of choice

I know what you are could that sweet little face get in trouble?? Oh, come meet her! She is a bundle of joy and energy and I love her more than anything...she is just my child that gets into EVERYTHING!!!

When I saw this I really thought, well there goes us getting out the house at all this week! We are stuck! I can't take her anywhere like this :) Thank goodness for hand sanitizer and a cotton swab!!!!

She even colored Minnie

And her fingers

And the couch

She didn't want Luke to feel left out so she added a small mark on him

I am so grateful that Madison has the personality that she does.
She keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing!
I am glad she is permanent :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Edventure Museum

Last week my mom, sister, and I took all the kids (Austin, Parker, Dylan, Luke and Madison) to Edventure in Columbia. The trip down there had me saying, "If I hear 'I get out' one more time I am going to pull this car over and spank someone's bottom!"...I thought I would never say those words. Well never say never (as Justin Beiber says). Ha! All I kept thinking, as we made a pit stop in Newberry because I HAD to stop to go to the bathroom and all the kids needed to stretch their legs, was we are going to drive almost FIVE hours to the beach in a couple of weeks?!?!? The planning for entertainment has begun!

So now on to Edventure! It was amazing!!! We got there about 10:30 and didn't leave until 3:30! It was non-stop playing! It is always so much fun to watch Luke, Madison, and Austin play together! Parker and Dylan were troopers and enjoyed laying back watching their brother and cousins play. If you have not gone to Edventure I really recommend you try it! Here are some pictures from our day...

So sweet. We were waiting to pay and Luke and Austin were so excited! They just sat in awe of Eddy!

Just a good ole boy!

Austin loved milking the cow!

Filling the car up with gas

Gabby helping Austin change a tire

Love this!! They all loved the construction site!

Caution: Little girls at work

Luke playing in the fire truck

Grocery shopping

Jennifer telling Austin what he owed for groceries...good lesson...this stuff isn't cheap!

Luke and I checking out

Such a cutie

So funny! Madison trying to put this huge tooth in the guys mouth

Parker was out for the count!

This picture makes me laugh! There was a space exhibit outside of the museum. When we went through it they told us there was a moon rock you could touch. There are only 8 rocks in the world you can touch and this was one of them. Well, it didn't even look like a rock. It was tiny, black, and really smooth. You can see the amazement and wonder in Austin's eyes :)

Blast Off!

The water area was a perfect break in the day!!! They were soaked but had a blast!

Checking out the butterfly garden

Gabby and all her grandkids

Luke, Madison, and I with Eddy

Jennifer and Austin

This was a news room. You could sit at the news desk and read the news into the camera. Then you could report the weather. We had so much fun in this room! I think we were all naturals. Watch out Carol Goldsmith! Gabby was amazing at the weather :)

Music room. They loved jumping on the keys and making music.

Luke playing the piano

Good laughs!! You had to balance on these surfboards. It was so funny watching all the kids try to balance! I was impressed!

Austin did great!!

Climbing the rock wall

Love this picture of Madison trying to figure this out!!

Dylan (I think) sweet!

The red bug was their favorite part of the museum! They loved playing in the car.
They went from this to....

THIS....five minutes after we got in the car!

We had a great time and would go back tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hilton Head Couples Weekend

We went on our 2nd annual couples weekend to Hilton Head the first weekend in June. You may remember lasts years trip was a little rough on the us because Luke decided to run a 104 temp while we were gone :( It was SO hard being almost 5 hours away. Click here to see our post from last year.

However, this year, all kids were healthy and did great!!! We had such a great time! We were on adult time which meant we woke up when we woke up, when straight out to the beach, ate lunch on the beach, came in around 5:30, got dressed, went out to dinner around 7, and then stayed up way too late!! It was so good to just talk! It seems like so many times when we get together we are all running 7 different directions to keep up with our kids. So, here are some pictures from our nice, long, relaxing weekend!

Bruce doing what Bruce does best....chillin' :) Vacation has begun!!

Chris and Katie Mize

Matthew and Nicole Vickery

Jonathan and I
(the pic of Bruce and Lauren here was a little! Another pic of them below!)

The girls

The beautiful lighthouse

Such a peaceful night

Ok, so...I have never played Just Dance on the Wii. I have only played a Wii once! Let me just say we have a ton of this on video! I don't know when I have laughed this hard in a long time!!! It was a workout and we were all sweating by the end!!!

Now that's what I'm talking it boys!

Jonathan, I don't think that was part of the dance!

Matthew's face here is priceless!

Couple battle!

Chris and Katie were the champs! They killed it!

Bruce and Lauren Lee

We tell them to go stand by the tree and this is what we get! Too funny!!

So photogenic!

The mama's

How do I write a caption?? Boys will be boys I guess :) Haha!

It's so hard to be serious!

So we got these random 12 year old boys to grab our camera and take pictures! They were great sports and didn't drop any of them!

Our view!

Perfect picture to end on!

What a great weekend! We were all refreshed yet worn out from having so much fun!!

Thank you again to the Lee's for allowing us to come with you guys! Great memories we will keep forever!