Friday, February 11, 2011

When It Pours

So what do we do when it is pouring outside or our little noses are pouring inside?

I take fun pictures of Luke's amazing eyelashes!

Catch this face that says I am up to no good :)

We color

...and color

We trace our hands, play with stickers, and proudly display our artwork for Daddy to see when he gets home!

We play with play dough

I watch sweet little faces as they discover new things

We keep checking out our work

Luke shows off his new cheese face when I ask him to see his teeth!

Madison's cheese face

Now I am a girl that likes to get out. I can stay in the house a day or maybe 2 but then I HAVE to get out. Even if it is for a car ride or a quick trip to Target. But somedays, the days when we just stay in our pj's and play around the house, can end up being my favorite days!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth

We have always loved going to the circus! But this year was for sure the best circus we have EVER been to! Was it the amazing gymnasts? I did LOVE them but, no. Was it the extremely awkward sumo brothers? Ummm...NO! It was the best circus because I didn't watch half of it! I was too busy staring at Luke and Madison's faces!! If I were to do a MasterCard commercial here is what it would say...

Tickets to the circus....$20ish
Cotton candy with crazy hats...$12 (Crazy!) "We'll take 2!"- Gabby
McDonald's happy meal before the show...$4
The look on Luke and Madison's face during the circus...PRICELESS!

Those are faces I will keep with me forever! They were amazed and in awe! Not to mention my wonderful step-dad got us tickets on the 2nd row! So, maybe it wasn't technically "the best show on earth" but for Jonathan and I we will treasure it forever!

This was one of my favorite memories of the circus. Austin (my nephew) was 2 in this picture and we went to the circus on February 3rd 2008. I remember his face!! How stinkin' cute is that??

This year, Austin is 5! He is the big boy in the group! The big cousin and big brother! He was helping Gabby and Papa get Luke and Madison safely into the Bilo Center! I love this picture!

This is Madison's I'm-not-so-sure-about-this face :)

Wow he is tall!

Enjoying the pre-show!

They were so observant and so cute!

I think the $12 cotton candy was worth this picture! This crazy hat came with it!!

Austin didn't want the pink hair with pig tails so he chose this one!

Trying cotton candy for the first time! Didn't happen!

Let' get this show started!

Please just let me freeze this picture and keep him this way forever!

Best seats in the house....right in Gabby and Papa's lap!

Enjoying every minute!

...and then came the awkward parts. Yes they are strong and yes they can lift a lot of weight and spin it around but yes they still gave me the creeps! Maybe it was just me!

"This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen." -Gabby while watching the sumo men

What is the circus without the tightrope??
(Jonathan cool photography skills)

Best buddies contemplating how they will try this when they get home!

Very talented!

Then they announced 8:45!! Luke and Madison are usually in bed around 7 or 7:30 so they were troopers! We decided this was a great time for some pictures and a great time to stretch our legs!

This is how you don't loose kids in the big crowds at the circus!

Luke got a ride from Papa and enjoyed rubbing his head for good luck!

Madison was being a silly girl!

Family shot before part 2 of the circus


You could tell he was wearing down but they never whined! A little animal cracker break always helps too!

The grand finale!

And this is how they were after getting out of the parking garage! Peacefully dreaming about elephants, horses, tigers, zebras, and weird sumo men :)

We had a great time! Thank you Gabby and Papa for taking us!!