Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Traditions

As the holidays are quickly approaching I have been thinking about wanting to start holiday traditions with Luke and Madison. I would love to start something this year and continue each year. So, what are your holiday traditions?? It can be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or both! I would love to get some ideas and steal them (J/K) :) I have heard of giving and ornament each year, new pajamas on Christmas Eve, baking Jesus a cake, opening one gift Christmas Eve, and for Thanksgiving saying one thing you are thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner.

Add a comment below (or you can just email me and tell me what your traditions are! Thank you ahead of time for sharing! It's always fun to see who replies...who may get some new ideas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Go Zack!

Jonathan's cousin, Zach Faircloth plays for Presbyterian College. They played Clemson on Friday night and Furman Tuesday night. Just Jonathan and I went on Friday night but we took the babies on Tuesday night. We had a lot of fun watching him play! He is a great ball player!

He scored 14 points against the 24th ranked Clemson!

He has a beautiful shot!

Uncle Billy and Laura...we enjoyed seeing them!

Go Uncle Zach!!!

Madison could not keep her eyes off the game! She watched them go up and down the court and loved all the action!

We were able to get together for dinner over the weekend while they were in town. Justin, Jonathan's nephew, put his Bass Pro Shop hat on Luke. Next thing we know he will be taking him hunting and fishing!

Uncle Billy with Luke

*I have another post below! Check it out :)

Sweet Blessings

Here are just a few pictures I have taken so far this month. They are starting to scoot around and Madison can get up on all fours but then she just collapses. It is one of those things that I am not exactly sure why we are encouraging it! I know once the crawling starts the real fun begins!

We can't express enough what a blessing these sweet babies are to us. As we approach Thanksgiving my heart feels more and more grateful to our wonderful God who chose us to be parents! I love Christmas but I don't want to miss what Thanksgiving is all about! I want to enjoy

No teeth yet, but the spit is out of control!

She is a wiggle worm! I was changing her diaper and when I finished I just let her wiggle. She turned over, then sideways, then almost over the table trying to find her brother!

I thought this was so sweet. It looks like Luke is laying in her lap.

Peek-a-boo! Madison has figured out how to pull down the bumper pad a peek out!

I am thankful for sweet smiles and laughs!

Checking you out

I was trying to cut out coupons the other day with Madison in my lap (yea, I know, not a good idea) and she kept grabbing the papers. I finally just put her down with a piece of paper and she went to town! I tried to keep the passy in her mouth so she wouldn't eat any of the paper! It is amazing what entertains them!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Happy Halloween from Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 Months Update

On October 30th, Luke and Madison turned 6 months old! I counted over and over to make sure that was right and it was! I feel like so much has changed in the past month! They are now enjoying squash, carrots, peas, pears, papaya, mango, bananas, oatmeal, and rice cereal! They are still doing great nursing too! They are rolling all over the place and doing really well sitting up. They love to make noises and laugh! It has to be the best sound in the world! Jonathan and I are really enjoying this stage! They light up when you walk in the room and they love to play peek-a-boo and hear books being read to them. We love to sing songs and go on walks. They have grown so much! Last night I was organizing clothes they have grown out of to go in the attic and I pulled out all of Madison's premie clothes!!!! I could not believe she actually wore those! And to think they were big on her! They looked like doll clothes!!! We feel so blessed to have 2 healthy babies! We give all the glory to God who is allowing us to learn selfless love and complete joy! Enjoy the pictures and come back soon for Halloween pictures!!! They were Raggedy Ann and Andy- ADORABLE!

16.2 Pounds
26 Inches Long

14.5 Pounds- They have stayed 2 pounds apart since birth
25.5 Inches Long

One of my favorite pictures of Madison!!

Who was she looking at?? Her daddy! This little girl LOVES her daddy! She lights up when he walks into the room!

Big pimpin'! Luke wearing his Puma outfit that my dad got him! What a stud!

Now that Madison has learned how to sit up that is all she wants to do! She likes to play with Luke's feet! This was fun and cute until he got excited and gave her a swift kick right in the mouth! Oops!

Learning how to share toys...this ball is one of their favorites!

I love this picture because she started off facing the toys on the left. I finished bathing Luke, took him in his room to get clothes on him, and when I came out this is where she was! I need a fence! I can't take my eyes off this rolly polly!

Luke's new way of swinging! It makes me a little nervous because it looks like he is about to tip out! He enjoys it :)

Luke sitting up!

Madison sitting up!

Have I mentioned Madison is our WILD WOMAN! This is her new trick. It is like London Bridges! She loves to get up on her toes and head! Really funny! She is getting close to crawling!

Yum, yum food!

Happy 6 Months Luke and Madison!
We love you so much! We have enjoyed every moment!