Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lot's of Orange

On Saturday, we had Jonathan's family over to watch the Auburn and Clemson games.  The kids had a blast playing together and the adults enjoyed watching football!

 Cousins all cheering on their Tigers

 Luke trying on Noah's shoes with toe holes (I am sure they have a fancy name)!!  I would go nuts!

 Madison thought Mark needed a princess bandaid on his booboo from the tree swing

 The boys wrestled with Jonathan (a great football day activity)

 Then Madison decided she was not going to miss out on the boy fun so she told them all to get on her!!!

 It is amazing how entertaining old cell phones can be!  Can you hear me now??

 With Tiger capes and pom-poms come our Tigers!  (Ok so maybe they didn't show up)

   Regardless of the score we are still Tigers!!!  (and now Champs!)

Mark, Neely, Micah, and Noah...we were so sad to see you go!  We loved spending time with you!!!                          

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

The Friday after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas!  While Jonathan was pulling out boxes from the attic I snuck in the Clay Aiken Christmas CD!!  I was only able to enjoy a few songs :(  He came downstairs and quickly changed it...HA!  Oh well!  Every year the excitement builds because Luke and Madison are starting to have that sparkle in their eye!  We enjoyed setting up the manger and talking about the true meaning of Christmas!

 Checking out the decorations

 Oh crack me up!  She did not like this mess so we gave her the dust buster and put her to work!   She loved it!

 Getting ready to hang the wreaths on the windows

 She had to add Luke's Woody vest to complete her outfit

 Right there!

 Good job Luke!

 Luke helping hang ornaments

Madison hanging hers :)

We LOVE this time of year!

Thanksgiving in Iva

I know I have said this before but we LOVE to go to Jonathan's sister's house in Iva!  There is something about open spaces and the the cool air!  We celebrated a Thanksgiving dinner with the Clayton's.  It was very yummy!  Everyone was there including Jonathan's grandmother, Nanny.  She is a prayer warrior for both his family and mine too!  If I ever need someone to pray she is the one I call!  I am so thankful that God allowed me to join this family!!

 Luke and Madison caught their nap on the way to Iva.  They were still out when we got there!!  It took them a while to wake up and get going so Luke found the perfect spot to hang out  :)

 We almost ended up in the ER on Thanksgiving!  Mark was attacked by the wooden tree swing!  It was a nasty cut!  SO glad Angie is a nurse and took good care of him!

 Nope...still not ready

 Justin showing Daddy and Madison his new truck!

 Micah helping Luke out of a rut

 Angie's sweet kitty

The tree swing that was a source of fun and pain for the day :(

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Day

We went to my mom's house for Thanksgiving lunch with my side of the family.  Our grandparents, Ruby and Colvin Vaughn are the rock of our family!!  We are so grateful for their faith in God and love for each other!  It is always so nice to see them and the rest of our amazing family.

 I tried to get a few pictures of the kids before everyone got to mom's

 Sweet babies

 And then they reached their sitting still limit and broke out into dance!!!  So funny!

 My precious Papa!!!

 My beautiful mom...nice face Luke

 Jonathan and Dylan

 Sweet Meme and Parker

 We busted the jump jump out!

 Chad and his buddy Luke

 Madison swinging with Dylan/Parker (not sure which one...sorry!!!)

 My mom got a ton of pictures together of our family and made a video to show on Thanksgiving!!  It was great!

 Uncle Greg and Brent watching

 One of my favorite things is to watch my Meme laugh!  She has the best laugh!  She is a beautiful woman and I am so thankful for her!

 The ladies :)

 Me, my brother and sister

 "Madison, where is your bow??"...Nice Papa Jackie!!

...and then it was time for us to bounce on over to the Clayton's Thanksgiving in Iva!

Sweet Home (From) Alabama

Jonathan's brother, Mark, and family come into town from Birmingham, Alabama each year for Thanksgiving.  We love to see them and try to fill up our days together so we can enjoy every second with them while they are in town.  This year we decided to go to the Greenville Children's Museum.  Luke and Madison enjoyed playing with Micah and Noah!!  Later Wednesday night we opened Christmas presents!! Here are some pictures from our fun filled day...

Noah is Madison's buddy!  He was showing her how to drive a race car!

Luke flying solo

Go Daddy!

Checking out the wind tunnel

The ball is floating on air!!!

Flying a plane

Noah and Madison checking out Luke's groceries

My little cowgirl

Very cool lights

Sweetness!  My cousin's fiance, Nikki, works at the museum and Luke has a small crush on her (don't tell Brent)

Madison rinsing off her brush after cleaning these huge teeth

Boys being boys!  Building big things then climbing on them and jumping off :)

He's a working man

My personal favorite part!  I love to hear them sing!  Madison was patiently waiting her turn...

Neely doing a news report with Noah about an alien invasion

Nana with Luke in the music room

Madison catching a ride from Uncle Mark

4 little monkeys climbing

We came home from the museum to take a nap.  Noah and Micah came over right when they were waking up.  Luke was SO excited to see them again!


Opening Christmas presents!  A Buzz Lightyear and Woody!!!!

Madison got a doll with crazy hair!  She loved it!

Micah and Noah opening their presents from us

Taking a cookie break

Madison testing the camping chair we got Mark

Kevin and Justin


Then Madison wanted everyone to sit in her lap....silly girl!