Monday, July 30, 2012

May, June, and July Randomness

Here are some random pictures left from May, June, and July...

 When it rained we drew a road in the garage and they rode around and around and around... their pj's!

 They love using their rain boots and umbrellas

 They wanted to make sure they walked Nana to her car

 We went to senior night at Grace were they hung out with Alli

 Jonathan did an AMAZING job in the skit!

 We went to a lot of graduation parties for Jonathan's senior guys!  They even let Luke try on their awesome shades :)

We played a lot!

 Luke somehow got in the middle of a frisbee game at one of the graduation parties

 "Mom, I fit right in with these big kids!"

 Luke and Luke...great name....great guys!!!

Luke and "Yo Joe"

 We had fun play dates with Quinn and Riley

 We went to the lake a lot and enjoyed the water!

 They swam with their super fun Gabby!

 Gabby even rode on the tube!!!!!!!!!

 What a great summer with cousins!!

 AND....we went from cribs... an empty room perfect for dancing... BIG BEDS!

Goodnight brother!  Its been the BEST summer!!!

4th of July Weekend

We had a busy 4th of July weekend!  We spent 4th of July on the lake....ahhhh.  It was so nice and the kids loved it!

 Before the lake, Nancy took the kids to the Taylors First Baptist 4th of July Celebration in Greer!  I think they had a blast!

 Madison's outfit was so stinkin' cute I had to get a pic from the back too

 All American buddies

 While Nancy took the kids, my mom, sister, Austin, and I went to The Lion King!

 Gabby and Madison

 The Lion King was amazing!!!!!!!  Thanks for taking us out Austin!

Great seats!!!

 Then we were off to the lake!  What is better than peanut butter and jelly on the boat in the middle of the lake?!?!

 Captain Madison

 I love this kid!!!

 The next 3 pictures are hilarious to me!  I was trying to get 3 kids to hold an American flag...still...and smile....too much to ask!!!

 Patriotic, serious pose

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!

Where the Tigers Play

What a perfect day!  Jonathan and I decided to head to Clemson and show the kids the REAL University of South Carolina...hehe.  I am now officially ready for football to start!

 Trying to do the same pose

 "It costs HOW MUCH to go here??"

 Checking out the stadium!

 Maybe these little feet will go to Clemson one day!

 Nice kitty...

 Bad kitty!

 Fake smiles but cute kids!

 They ran and ran and ran!  It is nice going to the stadium when there isn't a football game!  They had so much fun just walking and running around!

We finished with yummy pizza at Mellow Mushroom!  I think Madison was pooped and tired of pictures by this point :)

"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,
Where the Tigers (and Luke and Madison) play..."

Samantha's Wedding

A relative on my dad's side of the family got married on June 30th.  My dad and I took Luke and Madison.  The wedding was amazing and such a worshipful ceremony!  The reception was downtown in the art district.  Luke and Madison danced and danced!  We really had a great time!!!  Congratulations Samantha!
 My handsome dad with Luke and Madison

 Papa Don's little girl

 Luke was hilarious!  Notice no one is dancing!  Luke didn't care!  He was breaking it down!

 He did have to stop a few times to tuck his shirt in so everyone could see his awesome belt!

 Madison, meet Madison.  She thought that was SO cool...and she let her hold her flowers!!!

 Me and Heather...such a beautiful girl!

 Madison with the bride

 They are SO cute!

 This melted my heart!  See Luke's hand on Madison!

This CRACKS me up!!  Madison trying Sun Drop.  I think the taste surprised her!