Monday, July 30, 2012

Where the Tigers Play

What a perfect day!  Jonathan and I decided to head to Clemson and show the kids the REAL University of South Carolina...hehe.  I am now officially ready for football to start!

 Trying to do the same pose

 "It costs HOW MUCH to go here??"

 Checking out the stadium!

 Maybe these little feet will go to Clemson one day!

 Nice kitty...

 Bad kitty!

 Fake smiles but cute kids!

 They ran and ran and ran!  It is nice going to the stadium when there isn't a football game!  They had so much fun just walking and running around!

We finished with yummy pizza at Mellow Mushroom!  I think Madison was pooped and tired of pictures by this point :)

"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,
Where the Tigers (and Luke and Madison) play..."

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