Monday, July 30, 2012

Isle of Palms 2012

Warning!!!  WAY too many pictures!  I did narrow it down from 450!

The week after school got out we went to Isle of Palms with our family!  We had THE BEST time!  Watching all the kids play together just makes my heart smile!  It was crazy most of the time but I cherished every single moment!

 Madison keeping the boys in line

 Austin, Madison, and Papa Jackie

 Luke started out slow getting in the first time but then became a wild man!  He is definitely our water boy!!!

 I am going to go with....Dylan...I think

 Luke jumping the waves

 Madison's turn

 Mu beautiful sister, gorgeous mom, and sweet boys

 I think Dylan sweet

 It's not a beach trip without burying someone!

 Silly girl getting her hair braided

 I have to learn how to do this!

 We sent Chad a fun birthday message

 Such a stud...even with a pink bucket


 Then he fell in love with boogie boarding!

 SOO stinkin' cute!

 Gabby and Parker

 The Grandkids :)

 We love our Gabby and Papa

 Then during the week we had visitors...The Coleman's!!!  Yay for meeting baby Lilly!

 Luke and Daddy showing us their mean faces!

 Madison wanted to hold Lilly

 How cute are these girls??

 Thanks Jennifer for braiding the girls hair!

 Cinnamon rolls for breakfast

 Rain, Rain, Go Away!  It rained but we came prepared with crafts...we painted...

 We colored...

 We played fun the headband game...

 We built forts...

 We practiced our CHEEEESE face...

 We played on the porch in the rain...

 and we watched TV with Papa Jackie

 Then after nap, the SUN came back out!!!

 I love watching them now!  So fun!

 They have the best imaginations!

 Frog More Stew!!!!

 Jonathan and his Eno

 A blank canvas :)  Papa looks good with a purple bow!

 Jonathan playing with Parker...

 What a great laugh!

 Great mode of transportation!

 Learning to surf with Papa

 Everyone's back was killing!  I think Luke would have done this all day!!

 Look Dylan!

 Bite their jaws off!

 Hat day :)

 Let's go fly a kite!

 Good job Madison!

 Mattice brought the girls back to play with us on the beach!  Madison had a blast playing with Ella!  They take such good care of each other!  Madison was getting some sand off Ella's face :)

 Lilly taking a nap on the beach...pure sweetness!

 Jen and I...thank you Megan and Nikki for posing advice...who wants their arms to look big??

 This is how she rolled to dinner one night

 I feel so blessed when I see this picture!

 Mom and Jackie

 Arms full!

 YAY!  Fun beach trip!!!

 That boy to the left is H to the O to the T

 Jen and Ty

 Boys Rule!

 Ice cream...yum!

 They slept in big beds the whole week!!!!!

 When we got home it was mission big beds because Luke said he didn't want to sleep in his "trapped bed" anymore!

 Our attempt to get them together

 Look at those 'real' smiles

 Daddy and his little man


 Best buds

 The Hawkins Huddle

 The Clayton Crew

 Me and my girl :)

 Thank you Gabby and Papa for the BEST week!



 Peak a boo!

Luke and Madison with Papa

I am SO ready to go tomorrow!!

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