Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teresa and Eric

My good friend Brenna, who lives in Columbia, had a friend getting married and was looking for a photographer. She called me! How fun! Sarah (with Bliss Photography) and I headed down to Columbia on June 26th to do their wedding. We had a great time and really enjoyed this BEAUTIFUL wedding! Thank you Teresa and Eric for letting us capture your day! Here are a few of my favorites!

 Beautiful cake made by Brenna and Emily

 Seeing her dad was so emotional...loved this moment!

 Quinn and Riley did a great job!

 I love the joy on their faces!

 Geoff and Brenna with Quinn and Riley

Congratulations Teresa and Eric!  
We are so excited for you both!

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Briggs

Josh and Jonathan grew up together. They were even in kindergarten together! Josh has been a great friend to Jonathan and I for a long time! We were so excited for him when he met Jennifer. They are a perfect match! Jonathan was the best man in his wedding on July 16th at the Ryan Nicholas Inn. We had a great time celebrating with them! Here are some of my favorite pictures :)

Don't they all look so relaxed! Rehearsal time!

Jennifer ready to walk down the isle! I loved the director/owner of the Ryan Nicholas Inn...she was all business and knew how to run it!

Tomorrow you will be doing the real thing!

Wedding day!! Nana and Papa came too! Madison had to carry Nana's purse :)

LOVE this picture of them!

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Seeing her groom :)

Josh's parents and grandparents

Exchanging rings. We were up with balcony with Luke and Madison. We had Nana, Papa Neves, Gabby, and Papa Jackie up with us too! Luke and Madison did great! They said "Hey Daddy" a few times but it was cute! I had a lot of snacks to keep them quite but then I was afraid they were going to drop the over the railing on someone!

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Briggs

Beginning their new life together!

First dance...she looks so happy!

Love this one :)

Gabby and Papa Jackie with Luke and it!

Luke and his Papa

Madison and her Papa

Beautiful, yummy cake!

Luke and Madison sitting and listening to Daddy give the best man speech!

Jonathan did great!

Dancing with her daddy

Great friends for a LONG time! We are really looking forward to a lot more memories with Josh and Jennifer!

Luke and Madison with the bride and groom

This picture makes me tear up because I feel like we are going to turn around and they will be having a father/daughter dance at her wedding....oh stop it!

This is how our family picture turn out now :) Madison not looking, Luke singing, and me telling mom how to work my camera. At least Jonathan looks good!

Easy Josh! There are kids watching!


Congratulations Josh and Jennifer!!! We love you guys!