Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 85th Birthday Papa Vaughn

My grandfather, Luke and Madison's great grandfather, turned 85 on April 18th. My mom, Jennifer, and I took Parker, Dylan, Luke, and Madison over to see him yesterday. My cousin Chad was able to come too. My Meme and Papa enjoyed the afternoon holding the babies and watching Luke and Madison go up and down the stairs in their backyard. We even brought Papa a special birthday surprise!!

Meme holding Parker. He is starting to smile and I love it! He gave us a little smile for this one.

Jennifer and Dylan

Meme with Parker

Meme and Papa with their great-grandkids. We missed Austin but he was at school. I love this one because Parker is smiling in it.

I loved both of these so much I posted both.

Meme and Parker

The Birthday Boy! Papa is an amazing man and an wonderful example. He is such a hard worker! He has taken such good care of our family. Words can describe how much we love, respect, and appreciate this precious man!

Jen and I made a picture too

My sweet Meme's hands with Parker's feet

Papa's hard working hands with Dylan's feet

Papa's favorite sweet is banana pudding so when Chick-Fil-A came out with a banana pudding milkshake we knew that would be the perfect birthday surprise. We even put a candle in the straw so we could sing happy birthday!!

Not the best picture (a little too bright) but too funny not to post! Jennifer pushing Uncle Chad in the wheelbarrow!

Happy 85th Birthday Papa!

The night before we went to Iva to celebrate Jonathan's grandmother's 92nd birthday! She and Papa share the same birthday. I forgot my camera!!! :( We had a great time playing outside and eating a yummy supper! We both feel so blessed to have such amazing grandparents!

Play Ball!

My nephew, Austin, is 5 and this year he is playing t-ball. Last weekend we took Luke and Madison to watch one of his games. He did a great job and they had a blast cheering him on!

It won't be long before Luke will be walking up to this ball field in his uniform!

Papa lifting Luke up to see the action

Here is the star we came to see! I love this kid!!!

Madison getting ready to cheer on Austin!

Look at that form! Eyes on the ball...and contact!

Coming HOME! Way to go Austin!!!

Luke and Madison going over the play with Austin in the dugout

Gabby, Jennfer, and I with Parker and Dylan. They had their adorable baseball hats on too!

Madison and Jenny watching the game

Coach Ty with his family. Almost a whole baseball team :)

Madison taking a much needed water break!

Makes me nervous every time!

Really?? Does it get any cuter?? I made Luke and Madison these shirts for the game! Puffy paint and iron on's are back!!! :)

Austin chasing Luke...love this!

Gabby and Papa with their grandkids

Austin with his Uncle JR

My beautiful, amazing sister! She is such a great mom and has done amazing with the boys!!

I can't get enough of these 3 when they get together!

Go Jayhawks! Go Austin! Go #3!

Hooray for a Play date!

Play date's are SO great! They are therapy to get out of the house, talk with other girls, and let the kids play with each other! Last week, our friend Lauren had us over to play. We had a great time! I also LOVED meeting Betty Kate, Lynn's new baby girl.

Madison loves babies! She wants to make sure they have a passy! She loved meeting Betty Kate! She was so stinkin' cute!

Ellison was ready to go outside!

Anna and Madison


Parker (or as Luke and Madison call him Parter)


Madison and Anna enjoyed swinging

Luke trying to be like his cousin, Austin, playing t-ball...we need to work on his form :) He has the Michael Jordan tongue down!

This is Maggie, Bruce and Lauren's dog. She is a happy, jumpy dog. We kept telling Luke and Madison to say "No Maggie" when she tried to jump on them. This was Luke telling Maggie NO. Really funny!

They found the fun ball pit!

Ellison found the huge tiger!

Thanks for having us over Lauren! We had a great time!

He's Real, Isn't He??

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I had a great idea to take the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. Getting two sets of twins ready for Easter pictures is not a quick and easy task. We finally got to the mall and just our luck the Easter bunny was not even there yet!!! He didn't come until the next week :( Well, good thing we were at the mall...we made the most out of it. We got a few pictures anyway, ate some lunch, explored the mall, played in the play area, and rode the mall train. Here are some pictures of what turned out to be a lot of fun!!

Now where is that Easter Bunny??


Playing in the germ gym :)

Madison did not want to ride the train :( Luke was SO excited to be able to ride with his Gabby!

Here comes Luke!

The sweet girl let Madison sit in the driver's seat

This is as close as she got to riding and you can see her face! Poor thing.

Sorry we missed you Easter Bunny! Maybe next time!