Sunday, January 30, 2011

21 Months Old

Luke and Madison turned 21 months old today. It scares me for 2 reasons. First, because I think about how in 3 short months they will be TWO!!!! Two two year olds! Second, because I feel like I am going to turn around and they will be 21 years old!

Well, this past month I have taken a TON of pictures...just not many of Luke and Madison! I have been busy snapping as many pictures as I can of Parker and Dylan. I went to make this post today and I usually have to choose out of 200 pictures or so from each month but this month I only have a handful. I will do better this coming month! This past month we have enjoyed story time at our local library, play dates with friends, and even a music class with some friends at a house in Easley. We have celebrated lots of family birthdays and new births :) It has been a busy month of January!

We had a couple yucky colds this month. One that we are trying to get over now :( Luke also got a fresh hair cut. I am still trying to get use to the brush down look. I could still eat those cheeks!!!! Luke is very curious and likes to check things out. He loves to play with cars and throw balls. He is so smart! With a little help he can count to 10 (of coarse he never does it when you ask him to though) and loves to sing his ABC's! It amazes me how he memorizes things. We always sing the same songs at night and he now loves to sing them with us. Including a song that names everyone in our family!! He loves to run with his chicken arm...hilarious!

Madison is our non-stop little girl! She is into everything and I have started asking "Ok, where would Madison put it?" We found Jonathan's work expense check in the trash the other day! She talks all the time! Not really sure what all she is saying but she tries. She LOVES to wear her bracelet (in the picture), carry her purse, talk on her phone, and hold Luke's hand to walk around. I can already tell that she is going to be a great little mommy. She has the funniest laugh! She and Luke are great at pointing out letters on their letter mat in the playroom. Right now they can find A, L, M, P, and T. They both love to act out the book "Five Little Penguins" which is similar to "Five Little Monkeys".

They are taking one nap that usually lasts anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours.

They are big helpers! Luke was helping me put some baby clothes back up after we went through them for Parker and Dylan.

Madison loves to go through their diaper bag! She also loves to put diapers on her own dolls.

They think it is hilarious to slide around on the floor! They love to do it on their tummies or scoot around on their rears!

This past month we had our friends, Josh and Jennifer, over to celebrate their engagement!!! Congrats you guys! We can't wait until the July wedding!

Luke and Madison had a tea party

Our friend Courtney even stopped by for a visit! We love it when she comes! Don't let Madison's face fool you! She was excited too!

She even read us some stories!

It has been a great month for our family. It feels weird having to clarify now when I say "the babies"...which ones?...Luke and Madison or Dylan and Parker? I guess I will start calling them "the toddlers". They are so fun right now. I know I say every stage is my favorite but I really love this one. They make me laugh all the time! I am enjoying where God has me right now so much! We continue to ask for prayer as we seek God's wisdom in raising our two precious children! Happy 21 Months Luke and Madison!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Photo Shoot and Coming Home

Jennifer went home on Sunday, January 16th. I was able to go up to the hospital to help get things together and the family of 5 loaded up for the first time in the car :) We had a great time taking some really fun pictures before they left!



Austin with his little brothers

Love the little propellers on their hats!

Hang on brother...we are about to go HOME!


Cuddle bugs

I could look at this one all day!

Gabby with Austin, Parker, and Dylan

Getting ready to roll downstairs...did she really just have twins 2 days ago??

I think this is when reality hits...well, it's just us now!

So tiny!!!

Family of 5 ready to go! What a beautiful family!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Thought I Had the Itch :)

When I went home from the hospital Friday night I had "the itch!" Holding those new sweet little babies just makes you want another one so bad! (notice I said ONE...please Lord just one next time) Then....came Saturday! We decided to take Luke and Madison up to meet their new cousins. Let's just say the itch slipped away while I was holding one of the babies with Luke and Madison on each side of me! Madison was poking his tummy and Luke was holding Dylan's head between his hands on the other side saying "wash, wash, wash." I decided I was good with 2 right now :)

Madison not so sure at first but checking him out! Luke and Madison each brought the boys a balloon :)

Hey there buddy!

Kisses from Luke

Kisses from Madison

Our attempt at a picture...not happening :)

A picture of all 5 grandkids!

Dylan trying to figure out all of this noise and craziness!

Luke and Madison eating their raisins...yum yum!

Before we left Uncle Chad came by to meet the twins!

Parker Vaughn and Dylan Carter

At 11:42 Parker Vaughn was born weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces. 10 minutes later Dylan Vaughn was born weighing 5 pounds 9 ounces. The delivery went amazing! They both were born with out any complications! They came straight to the room with her!

This picture makes me cry every time I look at it! What an emotional moment!

I love all of our faces! Pure joy!

Ty's mom, Janet, and her new grand babies!

Each grandmother gets one!

Proud Gabby! She is going to have to open up a day care!

Looking through these pictures I should have labeled each one with who it is because I am not sure who this is :)

I love newbies!

Ty bought Jennifer a 3 diamond drop necklace as her "push present"! Well deserved! It is beautiful!

Holding Parker for the 1st time!

LOVE THIS!!!! Giving Dylan sweet kisses!

Perfect Parker!

Jennifer checking over baby Parker

It is funny how their personalities come through right away. Parker likes to have his hands by his face!

Jennifer with Parker

Jen with her amazing nurse Kathy

Look at that blonde hair!!! My dad and brother had blonde hair!

One blessed grandma :)

This feels familiar :) It really feels like yesterday this was me!!!

LOVE THIS! Austin came to meet his new brothers and when he saw us in the hallway he took off running!

Holding Dylan for the 1st time

One of my favorite! I love the way Austin is looking up to his daddy! Ty now has 3 little boys looking up to him! What a wonderful responsibility!

Sweet kisses for Dylan

"I'm the BIG brother!"

Papa Jackie holding Dylan



He will always be her #1 little man

Hawkins family of FIVE! We know that Jennifer will always be looked after and taken good care of by her 4 boys!

Welcome to the world Parker and Dylan!!!!