Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Children's Fountain

My brother, Ryan, was in town from Atlanta last weekend so we took the babies to downtown Greenville one afternoon to let them play in the children's fountains that are outside of the Hampton Inn. They loved splashing in the water and playing with Uncle Ryan and Gabby! Here are some fun pictures from the day.

Testing it out! Look at that belly! Love it!

The fun thing about this place is that you never know what spout the water is going to start coming out of. They loved the surprise!

Sweet picture!

Good times!

As toddlers do...their attention stayed on the fountain for a while until they saw the stairs! Then they wanted to climb up and down!! I know Gabby was worn out!

Trading phone numbers with a cute little girl we met there.

Love this!!! Uncle Ryan was SO fun and was a great trouper getting wet with them!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bubye Mullet

Madison started to get what looked like a mullet so we took her to get her first haircut on September 7th (16 months old). I had every trick in my purse to keep her entertained and still. I had food, toys, my keys, my cell phone...and the last 2 she is not allowed to play with! But, for desperate times I knew she would love it! However, much to our surprise she sat SO still and was an angel!!! I couldn't believe it! We were so shocked and proud of our sweet little girl. Here are some fun pictures of our time at Jelly Beans!!

Waiting for our turn. Madison really just needed those fine baby hairs cut off. As you can tell Luke's hair was a little long too!


She loved sitting in the race car while she got her hair cut

Did I mention how good she did yet?? It is also only 1 penny for their first haircut at Jelly Beans!!! You can't beat that!

Looking at the finished product :) Miss Angela also braided her hair! It looked really cute. I need to learn!!

While we were there we went ahead and got Luke's cut. He was helping her comb it. Such a handsome young man :)

They both got balloons with a little baggy of jelly beans as their prize!

Thanks you Miss Angela for being so good at what you do!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We stayed at the lake house over Labor Day weekend. It was wonderful to get some rest and enjoy being just 20 minutes from Clemson! Saturday my mom came up to the lake house to watch Luke and Madison while Jonathan and I went to the 1st Clemson game of the season. We had a great time!! Thanks Gabby! Then we stayed at the lake through Monday. Jonathan's family came up Sunday to hang out on the lake. Here are just a few cute pictures.

She is a'doe'able in all in pink :)

She takes driving very seriously

Luke was sporting his Tiger in Training hat

Riding with Nana

Luke had fun playing with Daddy in the tunnel

To see the joy on your kids faces is priceless! They love it when Jonathan throws them on the bed! Notice Luke is still wearing his Clemson sticker! I was afraid it would hurt when I pealed it off :( They slept in them!

Madison loves to clean these days! She will vacuum and if I give her a wet rag she will walk around the house wiping things off and scrubbing the floor!!! She is a great helper!

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Friday Parade

Do you smell what I smell?? I smell fall, blue jeans, and football!! Fall has to be my favorite season! I love the temperature, the colors, the clothes, and the activities! Last Friday we took Luke and Madison to their 1st First Friday Parade in CLEMSON! They loved watching the parade, seeing good friends, and running around on Bowmen Field! One of my favorite moments was when a girl in the parade ran up to them and asked me if they were twins. I said yes and she told me that she had a twin brother and they were both at Clemson!!! What a dream! How fun would that be?!?! I think I took 100 pictures but here are some of my favorites.

Waiting on Daddy to get home from work so we can go!

I love this family picture!

My mom came over on Friday and helped me get them dressed. We had so much fun! I think we both could have eaten them up!!!

Madison and Luke watching the parade with their buddy James.

The cutest butt I have EVER seen!!! She loves her Tigers from her head to her bottom :)
Enjoying Bowman from a different view.

This was SO funny! Luke just walked up to this random, sweet girl and started crawling in her lap. I think he wanted to pet the dog!

Some days I still can't believe this is my baby girl! She is so beautiful and fun!

I love these next 3 shots. The many faces of Luke! This is his WHAT? face.

Silly, happy boy!

Really....could he be any cuter? I love those cheeks!

So, we ran into Anna...literally...and Lynn and Daniel. I know it is a little fuzzy but still really funny!

We had a hard time getting these 2 girls to sit still for a picture so this is the best I could get.

Jonathan and I are both so grateful to have the opportunity to go to Clemson. We have so many great memories there! It is so exciting to now build memories with Luke and Madison! I hope they love it like we do!

James and his future wife. Hannah and I have already arranged this marriage :)

Luke loves Boise Epting! He is the sweetest dog!

1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-RRRRRR-S
Fight Tiger Fight Tigers Fight Fight Fight!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outside Adventures

Now that we are able to stay outside for longer than 15 minutes we are really enjoying it! Luke and Madison love playing in the back yard in the 'cooler' weather! Here are some fun pictures of our adventures :)

I gave them popsicles for the first time and you can see how Luke felt about it. He wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well....one for mommy! :)

Madison loved hers!

She wanted to wash it off since it was making such a mess!

Raise your hands if you are yucky!

Madison takes a sip...

Now it's Luke's turn....they did this back and forth about 30 times!

Splash, Splash, Splash

Oh the funny things they do! Could Madison's hair get any higher?? (1st haircut pictures for Madison coming soon)

MELT MY HEART! Giving each other kisses! Best friends!

Ready to go down the slide

Workin' at the car wash

Come on you...give me a sip

Ha! I love Madison's face! Luke went for it!!

Check out his shinny clean car!

Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather and chance to get outside and enjoy your creation!