Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

We had a lot of birthdays to celebrate last weekend and celebrate we did! Friday night we celebrated Bruce Lee's 30th birthday with a decades dance, Saturday we celebrated Matthew's 1st birthday, and on Sunday my brother drove in from Atlanta to celebrate his 30th birthday! Here are some pictures from our busy but fun weekend!

Yea, baby!

The girls...we represented the 20's, 50's, 60's/70's, and 80's

The boys...from the 20's to now :) Daniel was rockin' with the wig!

Jonathan had to try on the wigs! So that is what he would look like!

...and he tried on another wig

The 20's did a great job representing! Happy 30th Birthday Bruce!

This is Matthew in the middle. He turned ONE! What a big boy! Trying to get two eight month old babies and a one year old to pose is very hard!

This is my precious friend Tracy who adopted Matthew from the hospital! Look at those faces! He belonged to her all along. God is so good and you see his faithfulness when you hear her story! Matthew, you are so blessed to have such a great mommy...and she feels the same way!

Madison made herself at home and played with all of Matthew's toys! She loved this car!

We had lunch at my mom's house for Ryan's birthday on Sunday. Luke loved playing with Sadie!

Happy 30th Birthday Ryan!!!! We love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

We have been so busy since Christmas! A few days after Christmas Jonathan got a stomach bug so we spent New Year's around the house. We are so grateful that the babies did not get it! I didn't either! Poor guy stayed in his room for a few days....way to spend your days off from work! Luke and Madison are growing so fast! They are about 8 1/2 months old! We will catch you up on what they are doing now :)

-She is scooting all over the place. She found the kitchen and now realizes that there are other rooms in the house besides the den!
-She loves to stand up on anything. She pulls up and stands on the couch, the toy box, toys, and anyone that she can get a hold of their leg.
-She loves her push toy. She walks with it or by you holding her hands. She wears us out! She could walk all day!
-She is saying "Baabaabaa" now. She makes the funniest faces when she does it.
-She loves to pick up food now and eats just about everything we give her. This past week she has decided she would rather have her fruit or cereal than her vegetables. She is learning that Mama and Daddy don't give in and she has to have her vegetable first :)
-My favorite time with Madison right now is when we go get her up in the morning. She gets SO excited to see us! She squeals with delight and goes nuts when we get her up!!
-Madison, you are our joy! You brighten our days and make us laugh all the time. Your sweet personality is coming through and we can't wait to see what God has planed for you!

-He is not crawling yet but gets up on all fours and rocks!
-He is our content little fella! He loves to be put the pack-n-play, the jumper, the Exersaucer, the floor, or be held!
-He is our talker right now (which I am trying to tell him to enjoy...I know once Madison starts I am not sure she will stop!) He says "Mama Mama" and "Dada Dada" all the time!
-He loves everything we give him! He loves carrots (see the orange nose!). He does make the best face when we finish the vegetable and give him the first bite of fruit! I guess the tart, sweet taste catches him off guard!
-He is our cuddle bug! He loves to be held and we could snuggle with him all day!
-When he is in his swing he loves for you to play "I'm gonna get you" His laugh is priceless!
-Luke, you are our joy! You make our hearts smile! You always want your hand on Madison and that makes me want to cry just thinking about how you will protect her! You have the sweetest personality and we can't wait to see the man of God you will become!

Here are some other fun pics! :)

My new favorite way she sits!!!

She crawled in the basket to get this toy...oh Madison there was such and easier way but we will let you figure it out :)

Rub a dub dub...two babies in a tub

Baby it's cold outside!

We we went through a period where we were really struggling with naps! This was after dinner...we finished feeding them and then we left them in their seats with toys so we could eat our dinner. About 5 minutes into it she falls asleep! Poor thing. We are now back on track with naps (thank you Lord)!!!

He loves to tuck his bottom lip under and say "mmmmmm"

Beautiful little girl!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Adam

So the day before Christmas Eve (get it...Christmas Adam) we took some fun pictures! There are 2 more posts below!!!

This is what most of the pictures I took look like. We are getting past the sit still for a picture phase!
Just hanging out

After waking up from their nap. They sleep in separate cribs but they love to get in the same crib when they wake up to play for a little bit.

I was peeking through the slat in the crib and Luke was so confused...too funny!

Christmas Eve

We had a busy Christmas Eve! It was wonderful spending time with family! Christmas Eve morning we had my dad, brother, sister and family over for breakfast. Christmas Eve night we had Jonathan's family over. The babies did great and enjoyed every minute of it. When you take over 300 pictures Christmas Eve and Christmas day how do you choose??? I did my best to not post too many :)

Madison was amazed watching my dad open presents. Not like her to sit still for more than 2 seconds!

My dad (yummy treat in hand)

Thanks Papa Don! We love our first sit and play toy!

My dad with his grandkids

This little girl is getting SO big!

Madison sitting with her cousin Justin...she has loved him since birth!! They have a special bond :)

Bring on the paper!

What do you write here...Precious!

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus

I am sure you have read in my previous posts that Madison is everywhere! Well she is very determined too! She started climbing on this box and finally got on top of it then went fear! Thankfully, Papa Neves was waiting on the other side.

Luke is our cuddle bug! I could squeeze those little, I mean big, jaws!

Beautiful boy!

A book!

Luke's favorite present, his bear!

"Mom and Dad, will you please quit taking pictures and put me to bed so Santa will come?"

We had cookies and milk ready for Santa!

Luke thought he should taste test them :)

Christmas Day

Luke and Madison's first Christmas...words can't describe how priceless it was! I know they will not remember it but we have memories that we will carry forever. I felt like I was 5 again! We had my parents and Jonathan's parents over Christmas morning to watch the babies open their first Christmas presents then we cooked breakfast. Later Christmas day we went over to my mom's house to celebrate with my side of the family. We had a great time and we are already looking forward to next year! Enjoy the pictures of our sweet gifts!!

Let me just start by saying how grateful we are for family! Having twins was a complete blessing and we couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing families. Thank you for all the hours you have spent helping us! We appreciate and love you more than you will ever know!
Jonathan's parents- Nana and Papa 7 (we call him that because seven is Neves spelled backwards)

My mom and stepdad- Gabby and Papa

This is what the grandparents saw when they walked up!

Madison got just what she (mama) wanted...a pink tutu!!

Luke opening his presents...thanks Santa!

Merry Christmas :)

They loved tearing open the presents! They were spoiled rotten!

Luke laughing at his great-grandfather Papa Vaughn

Madison checking out the new walking toy

Thank you to everyone who had a part in spoiling them this Christmas! We love all our new toys, books, and clothes! Our prayer is to instill in Luke and Madison what Christmas is really all about and to always take time to give during this season. We are all so grateful to our Heavenly Father for sending his son for us! What a gift we all received!