Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Been Too Long!

We have had a very busy past couple of weeks! Jonathan was in Canada for almost 2 weeks! I have a new respect for woman whose husbands serve in the military! A week and a half felt like forever and that is nothing compared to the time they spend away from their husbands! We were so glad for him to come back home! My wonderful mom was a huge help while he was gone...thanks Gabby! Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

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This is called the Baby Redneck Hot Tub!

Luke loves it when Jonathan holds him up in the air!

I thought this was SO sweet and funny! Jonathan had them both on his knee and Luke was just holding on to Madison!

Growing way too fast!

While Jonathan was in Canada the babies were able to talk to him on the web cam. Technology is amazing! This was something the babies and I looked forward to every night!

One night Jonathan had a dinner with some of the guys and was not going to be able to see the babies before they went to sleep. So, we took this picture and emailed it to him :)

Shelley, Barret, and Caleb came through Greenville on their way to the Clemson game and stopped by for a visit. April brought Levi by too! Luke and Madison had fun playing with their friends!

Sweet boy!

Playing together!


On Sunday we started vegetables! I am trying to make their food so we started with squash. It was not that hard to make it just took some time! Good thing is now I have 4 ice cube trays full of frozen squash I can use! I hope I can keep it up :) Here are some squash pictures! Yum! Yum!

Madison's first bite

This is good stuff! She did really well with it!

Luke's first bite

Not so sure about this!

I just love this picture! She is getting to be such a big girl! We moved them into their high chairs! They like them!

Trammell Reunion

This past weekend we had a Trammell (my dad's side) family reunion. We had a lot of fun spending time with family! The weather turned out beautiful!

This is Madison's excited face!

My dad with the babies

Family picture- poor Austin was still sick so Ty stayed home with him- Ryan was in Atlanta and unable to make the trip because of work.

"Look Mom, no hands!"

It turned out to be an even better day when Clemson won!!! Go Tigers!!!

Aunt Jenny with Luke and Madison

Dad being silly :)

Madison loves to play with Luke!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy Days

We have had a lot of rain here lately and it kept us from getting outside for our afternoon walk around the neighborhood that we all need and love! The other day we just decided to watch the rain. I love these pictures! They look so sweet and Luke looks like he is telling Madison a story or singing to her "Rain, rain, go away. Luke and Madison want to play!" I know I will treasure these moments forever!

This one is my favorite!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 Months Young

I know when babies turn another month older everyone says "I can't believe how old they are" or "They are growing so fast" but, I REALLY can't believe it!! Luke and Madison turned 5 months old yesterday and it seems like yesterday we were in the hospital holding those tiny bundles in awe of the huge blessing! I teared up the other day looking at them playing in our pack-and-play. I couldn't believe just how long they are and how they are filling the pack-and-play up!

They make us smile everyday! They have brought such joy to our lives. I can only imagine how God feels when He looks down at us, His children.

We have been busy with new discoveries...fingers, cereal, and each other! Enjoy the pics :)

I took this picture this morning. They were being so sweet! Luke loves Madison so much! If they are laying on a blanket together or on our bed he always has his little hand on her. He will sometimes hold on to her clothes or just rest his hand. I love that!

For a long time Luke noticed Madison but she was just too busy to notice him. This month, she found him!

Getting ready for CEREAL!!!

Madison's first bite. I think she was just fine chewing on her hand and bib. Luke is getting his first lesson about how ladies go first :)

Luke's turn! Not so sure about this.

I love this picture because she has her tongue sticking out

"That was great mom and dad...good luck getting my full belly out of this Bumbo seat!"

The next night we tried them in their bouncy seat and it went a little better. Luke is now opening his mouth and his legs start kicking like crazy when the spoon comes towards his funny!

We were hoping they got some down the pipe!

You can tell Madison was so excited that she figured out how Luke can suck on one hand and she would suck on the other. Thanks brother!

We had a shower for my sweet friend Danielle. It was fun getting the babies dressed up!

Luke was amazed at the fish tank!

Luke working his magic with one of his many girlfriends. This is sweet Riley.

Our sweet little boy

We also started using the exersaucer!

Madison checking it all out

We celebrated my birthday with a trip to church and lunch at mom's house


Relaxing with the best daddy!