Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Last night we took Luke and Madison, also known as Dorothy and the Lion, trick or treating around the neighborhood.  It was so cute to watch them knock on doors or ring doorbells and say "Trick or Treat!"  They were also a little taken back by the scary costumes and the man that jumped out of the bushes at them!!  We did have a great time meeting up with the Freeman's and going house to house with their kids!

 Ready to go!!!

 After Madison rang the doorbell at the first 3 houses about 15 times we had to remind her to only ring it once!  Sorry neighbors!

 "Hey mom!  I'm trick or treating!"

 The Freeman's and their Mario gang!

 Drew (Mario) was our leader and protector!  He took such good care of Luke and Madison!  He told them when to come to the side of the road if a car was coming, which house to go to next, and which houses they just needed to stay away from because they were too scary!  Thanks Drew!

 The two Luke's!

 Lilly and Madison

 Madison helping Mr. Scott pull the wagon :)

 As a kid this was always my favorite part!  Coming home, dumping out all your candy, and seeing what all you got!!  Yummy!

 I told them they could pick one piece to eat before bath.  She was not too sure about the piece she chose!  She wouldn't let go of that basket though :)

After bath we let them pass out candy to the boys and girls that came by!  I really think this was one of their favorite parts!  They were SO excited when the doorbell rang!

Happy Halloween!  Now someone please come get all this candy out of our house!!!  :)