Monday, August 31, 2009

4 Months Fly By!

4 Months Old!! I can't believe it! I look back at the photo album from the hospital and it is amazing how much they have changed! Yesterday we celebrated 4 months by going to church then lunch at Salsarita's! Yum! We always ask Luke and Madison what they learned about in Sunday school when we get in the car and I think for now they are learning about being spoiled with love by Jesus...and the nursery workers :)

Enjoy the pictures of our precious little ones. Could you not just eat them up??

Luke flying high with his Nana

Getting ready for football season in our Clemson onsies.

Daddy giving us the play by play in baby talk

Madison likes to sit up in her bath to make sure she doesn't miss anything else that is going on!

Comfort! Blanket and Passy...does it get any better?

Our sweet boy! He is so happy all the time! "He never cries"- famous quote from Gabby :)

Madison likes to sit in her Bumbo seat and play with her toys

Party in the crib

Did I mention how strong this little girl is? She is stiff as a brick and loves to stand up!! Daddy's hand was behind her. Too cute!

Holding on tight! I'll never let go Luke! I'll never let go!

Sunday afternoon snoozer :)

Squeky clean! I could just eat those jaws :)


Friday, August 21, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Everyone told me how you fall in love more and more with your children every day but I never really understood that until now. Everyday is something new, something surprising, something adorable that they do. Their smile gets a little bigger, their laugh gets a little louder, and their noises get a little sweeter. So here are a few of our favorite things that they do...

- We love the way you watch Madison. She is too busy right now to notice you but you stare and smile at her. It is like you are already watching over her! So sweet!
- We love the way you smile. It makes our hearts melt when you smile with those big cheeks!
- We love the way you suck your thumb! You found it and love it! Just like your daddy when he was little.
- We love the way you have discovered your hands! You stare at a toy then reach for it. When you hit it you get so excited! It is like you are saying, "Hey, I did that!!!"

- We love the way you put both hands over your eyes when you nurse. It is the sweetest and funniest thing!
- We love the way you love your hands!!! When you are falling asleep you hold them together at your chest like you are saying your prayers.
- We love the way smile and laugh! Your facial expressions are great! You look so serious when you wrinkle your eyebrows!
- We love the way your squeal with joy! We say you are making a joyful noise unto the Lord! We do have admit that sometime it hurts mommy and daddy's ears :)

Here are some pictures...

Tummy time

Madison hanging out on the coffee table

My precious Papa came by to give the babies a Radio Flyer red wagon!!! It is awesome!
Thank you Papa!

Good times

We watched our first Baby Einstein this week! They loved it!

Uncle Ryan gave us this awesome Clemson Tiger mobile that sings Tiger Rag. We are training them early! Go Tigers!

Sweet babies

Deputy Ayers (also known as my cousin Chad) came by to see the babies. They LOVED him! Luke thought Chad was hilarious and kept laughing at him!

Madison loved Chad too!
*All the single ladies-Chad is available and is great with kids!*

Madison is so strong! She loves for you to hold her up so she can stand! Since she is so stiff daddy likes to do tricks with her. As you can tell, she doesn't mind!

We have been using our jogging stroller a lot lately! They seem to enjoy it and we love to get out and walk too.

My sweet friend Amber and her little girl Anna Kate came by to visit. Sleepy girl :)

So...Luke had these really long hairs right on the top of his head that were driving his daddy crazy! He got his first "haircut" this week. Just a little off the top :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough

So, it has been a while since I last posted an update! Sorry! Life is crazy busy but wonderful! The babies change so much each day! They are smiling like crazy, laughing a little, rolling over, and showing their personalities. They turned 3 months on the 30th! Here are a ton of pics!

Miss Madison loves her bath!

Luke has this cute patch of hair right on top

Real men and sweet little girls wear pink!

My wonderful friend, Tracy, from school brought Matthew over to see the babies. He liked Madison.

Lynn and Daniel brought Anna over to hang out with Luke and Madison. The girls had a good time in the Bumbo seats :)

We love daddy!

One of my best friends, Mattice (also known as Jessica Coleman) came this week from Charleston. They came over during the week to visit and we had a great time catching up! Ella is the sweetest baby and smiles ALL THE TIME! I could eat her up!

Madison loves to smile and she is making the funniest noises!

Precious little boy

Classic Bumbo seat the left, to the left



This picture was taken on May 26th (almost a month old). I loved how sweet they were in this swing!...

This picture was taken on July 31st (3 months old). I thought we could try to swing together again. Madison still seemed to like it but Luke was not to comfy! "Mom, this is not working any more!" I wanted to capture their sweet pajamas too :)

Later in the week we went downtown Greenville with the Coleman's! We had so much fun walking around and laughing at Paul!

This is the swing at Fall's Park that we got engaged on...look at us now with 2 youngins!

Luke and Madison enjoying the new chair

We love to look at daddy

Gabby rocking the babies

We went to visit Parker this week. It won't be long before Clemson games, skiing, and basketball!!

My long lost friend, Wendy, came down from Chicago this week to see Tracy and I and all the babies. We taught together at Concrete. I don't think I would have made it through my first year without these girls!

Abby and Gracie (Tracy's kids), Colby (Tracy's nephew) and Luke, Matthew, and Madison