Monday, October 31, 2011

Taylor's Fall Festival

Last night we went to the Taylor's First Baptist Fall Festival.  It is always a lot of fun!!  We really enjoyed running into lots of friends!  Luke and Madison looked adorable in their Dorothy and Lion costumes!

 "We're off to see the wizard..."

 These two are on a wonderful adventure together!!

 Madison making a silly face trying to make Parker and Dylan laugh


 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow..."

 The Wizard of Oz crew :)  Lion, Scarecrow(Dylan), Tin Man (Parker), and Dorothy

 Austin was the Red Power Ranger!  He was there to protect all the Wizard of Oz characters!

 My sister, Jennifer, Ty, and their adorable family

 Jonathan and I with our adorable Lion and Dorothy

 Gabby and Papa with the whole gang...even Toto!

 Papa and Luke

 Howdy cowboy!  We ran into Parker and his family!

 This picture cracks me up!  Poor Parker was trying to give Madison a hug and she was not having much to do with it...not sure if she was afraid of messing her hair up :)

 There's Anna too!

 Luke and Madison played a lot of fun games!

 Luke even went fishing!

 Papa with the Tin Man (Parker)

 Gabby with the Scarecrow (Dylan)

 Luke waving by to Daddy before the hayride

 I think this is my favorite picture!!  Love everything about it!  So sweet!

 Going on a hayride with Nana

 Trick or Treat!!  We stopped by Meme and Papa's house to say hey and let them see the kids

Love this!  I think Austin's face and what Jennifer said says it all...she said "We really are like the Wizard of Oz!  We come in like a tornado and then its nice and quiet when we leave!"

We are super excited about trick or treating tonight!!!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Brent and Nikki's Engagement Party

The Ayers' boys know how to pick em'!  We adore Nikki and we are so excited for them to get married on September 1st, 2012!  My aunt hosted an engagement party with tons of family and friends this past Saturday night.  The weather was perfectly cool!!  We enjoyed a nice fire and good food!

 My precious Papa (my mom's dad) with Parker

 Too sweet not to post more than one!  Parker thought Papa was hilarious!

 Dylan with Uncle Gene (my mom's brother)

Nikki bought Brent this amazing kayak for their anniversary!  Brent was so surprised!

 I think Luke thought the fishing poles were for driving!

 Madison and her buddy Chad

 The Clayton Crew

 Isn't Nikki BEAUIFUL?!?!?  We love her!

The happy couple with Luke and Madison...twins look good on you guys :)

I wish I had more pictures of the set up!  It looked like something out of Southern Living!!  This was the candy table for treat bags on your way out!

Brent and Nikki, 
We are trilled that God has brought you two together!  We know that your life together is going to be full of fun, laughs, and adventure!  We love you!

Pumpkin Carving and Painting

Last week we got together at my mom's house to carve and paint pumpkins with all the kids.  It was messy and fun!
Oh boys!  Give them a bat and let them get all their energy out!  You would have thought that the wall was attacking them!  I really wish I had a video of this!

 Then they moved on to much manlier the pink Barbie car :)  
Yes, Luke does have a toy plunger in his hand and maybe mouth!  Hey Luke, no plunging and driving!

 YUCK!  Cleaning the pumpkin out!

 Get it Austin!

 Luke giving it a try

 We brought little pumpkins to paint

 Madison working on her masterpiece

 Daddy giving Luke a hand

 Ty, you have a little something on your face

 Madison, show me your excited face

 After a good 30 minutes she was the only one left...still painting...the same spot...

 Papa checking on her progress

 Gabby even stopped and got the kids these super yummy cupcakes from Strossner's Bakery!


Really?  Power tools?  Whatever happened to good ole knives?

It didn't take long until we realized we may loose a finger with the power tool so we switched back to the old fashioned way

Papa and Gabby enjoying every moment!

This picture doesn't do this moment justice!  We lit the jack-o-lantern and Luke and Madison starting singing Happy Birthday!!  It was so funny!  I guess they think anytime a candle is lit it is someone's birthday!

What better way to end the day than this?!?!  So stinkin' wet and cute!