Monday, July 30, 2012

Samantha's Wedding

A relative on my dad's side of the family got married on June 30th.  My dad and I took Luke and Madison.  The wedding was amazing and such a worshipful ceremony!  The reception was downtown in the art district.  Luke and Madison danced and danced!  We really had a great time!!!  Congratulations Samantha!
 My handsome dad with Luke and Madison

 Papa Don's little girl

 Luke was hilarious!  Notice no one is dancing!  Luke didn't care!  He was breaking it down!

 He did have to stop a few times to tuck his shirt in so everyone could see his awesome belt!

 Madison, meet Madison.  She thought that was SO cool...and she let her hold her flowers!!!

 Me and Heather...such a beautiful girl!

 Madison with the bride

 They are SO cute!

 This melted my heart!  See Luke's hand on Madison!

This CRACKS me up!!  Madison trying Sun Drop.  I think the taste surprised her!

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